Les Murray – An Australian Treasure

Laszlo Urge. It’s a name that anyone who’s ever watched a World Cup or NSL match – not to mention the hundreds of ‘The World Game’ episodes – will undoubtedly know better as Les Murray. Ahead of tomorrow’s Almanac Podcast, we thought it fitting to mention the retirement of one of this country’s most underrated [Read more]

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 11

The Goddess Advantage and Peter Mattessi join The Elbow and Matty Q on the couch as they talk World Cup, great sporting hairdos, the Tour, Wimbledon, and how more is less in the case of the AFL’s saturation approach.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode Ten

Episode 10 of the Footy Almanac Podcast – the ‘Jeggins and Bubbling’ episode is here! Rick Kane and Sean Gorman are this week’s very special guests on the Almanac couch as your hosts Matty Q and The People’s Elbow host proceedings. Sean talks about his days as a shearer before finding his way into academia [Read more]

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Now available on iTunes

We’ve heard your cries for the podcast to be made available via iTunes and your wish is our command.

You can now subscribe to the vocal stylings of the People’s Elbow and Matty Q and have the shenanigans of the podcast delivered straight to your tablet or smartphone every Thursday.

The Almanac Podcast – Episode Eight

The Footy Almanac Podcast with The Elbow, Matty Q, Harmsy and Stone Cold is back.

The Elbow fights for Carlton time, there’s more denouement and other poorly pronounced words, Wandering speaks from a bucks party bus en route to Ascot, the shambolic Essendon situation is given the shambolic treatment it deserves with a discussion mind-boggling in its absence of structure and focus, and there’s the World Cup.

The Canggu Festival of the Boot: The AFL Masters Bali 9s Competition

Footy in Bali? And on the field not on the TV screen in a bar? Divine madness. But our roving correspondent Steve Baker fills us in on the dedication of teams from all over Australia and Asia that congregate for the annual AFL Bali 9’s Tournament. Thirsty work (playing not reporting).

The Footy Almanac World Cup preview: Australia v Holland

The podcast team of The People’s Elbow, Matty Q, John Harms and Stone Cold Steve Baker caught up with our man in Brazil – Vaughan Menlove – for his thoughts on the clash and the FIFA World Cup so far!

World Cup podcast coming soon!

Greetings Almanackers! With our midseason hiatus done, the podcast team are back in action in a big way. We have a special treat for Wold cup fans coming shortly on the Almanac. The People’s Elbow, Matt Q and Harmsy caught up with our man on the ground in Porto Alegre an exclusive, no nonsense preview [Read more]

Podcast Help: Club Theme Songs

Discussion Time about club theme songs: who has the best? Who has the worst? How are theme songs eveolving? Fremantle? Get your say in, Knackers!

The Social Commentator: Oxygen Thief? Adult Bedwetter? Ubiquitous Brown Stain on the Underwear of Society? All Three? Discuss…

Steve Baker tackles the age of the social commentator – and the social commentator.

Season In The Abyss – Part Deux

Steve Baker announces “and the winner is….not Sid-a-nee”. On Tanya Hird’s advice the Bombers aren’t getting a cent of Steve’s hard-earned. Bulldogs and Storm fans rejoice.

A season in The Abyss.

S. Baker is not forking out for a Bomber membership. So who would he consider writing the cheque for? Here is his form guide. Interested in what you would do with your hard-earned.

Melbourne Test – Day 2: In Twitter We Trust (?)

The contemporary MCC Members Test match experience: stuck in the Percy Beames Bar with TV on and Twitter chirping away.

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS; THE S.S.S.C.A Christmas Eve Street Criggit Invitational

Steve Baker recounts a Christmas tale to gladden the heart and stir the memories of anyone who played a game of neighbourhood cricket in their youth. Sorry – criggit. (Also good for those fancying a bit of 80s Melbourne nostalgia.)

MIFF Review: Weekend of a Champion

Weekend of a Champion – the documentary following Sir Jackie Stewart – is up there with sporting documentary films such as Senna (2010), When We Were Kings (1996) and Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001).

Melbourne Victory v Liverpool: You’ll never walk alone

I’ve been to plenty of Grand Finals at the MCG, and seen some pretty special cricket matches and other soccer games at the Temple Down The Road, but nothing – absolutely nothing compares to the chills up my spine that the singing of You’ll Never Walk Alone generated

(Super) Coaching: Melbourne v Bulleen

There are days where watching local footy can be great for the soul. Last Sunday was NOT one of those days. Stephen Baker comes up against some dauntingly familiar names in his day as ‘caretaker coach’ at Superules club, Melbourne.