Podcast Help: Club Theme Songs

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to listen to the Footy Almanac podcasts thus far. We’re really grateful for your support. 

If they’re half as much fun to listen to as they are to record, then everyone’s a winner.
This week we’re going to talk (among other things) about AFL club theme songs.
We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on club songs: apart from your own team’s, which club do you think has the best song? When you’ve gone to an AFL game as a neutral, which club song have you found yourself happy to get swept up in after a great game?
Lily of Laguna? Yankee Doodle Dandy? You’re a Grand Old Flag? Le Marseillaise? Good Bye Dolly Gray? The Toreador Song? When The Saints Go Marching In?
Has the theme song become an anachronism since the demise of Ron Tudor’s Fable Label and those distinctive male voice choirs, or are the newer versions just evolution (baby)?
Is the banjo sorely under-utilised when it comes to the middle eight of a club theme song (see Sydney/South Melbourne)?
How cathartic can a good scream of  “YELLOW AND BLACK” be?
Do you sing the second verse of “We Are Geelong” during the trumpet solo?
And *braces* which club has the worst theme song?
Looking forward to seeing your thoughts and we’ll include them in the podcast!

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  1. Love all the old traditional ones. Its one of the great joys about a team breaking a premiership drought – you get to hear their song for a while instead of the usual “winners”. Hence I enjoyed it when the Swans won, and the Roos of the late 90s. And of course the Cats.

    Probably the Tigers is my favourite, but I actually also like the Bombers and (sadly its true) the Collingwood song. Least favourite is St Kilda. Drab.

    The new songs (from the new clubs) may mature with the years, and improve like a good Shiraz. But at the moment the tannins are just too strong.

  2. Ben Footner says

    Out of the newer Clubs, I reckon GWS has a cracking little ditty. Love the Russian polka feel to it.

  3. Going to break the rules and nominate my own club. The Join in the Chorus part is a bit ho-hum, but I like the inner-sanctum shibboleth opening section (that doesn’t seem to have any discernible melody) featuring the slightly anachronistic “Out they come to play, just for recreation’s sake, to pass the time away”.

    But if I have to nominate another club’s I’ll go for Carlton or Geelong. Carlton’s because my intervarsity baseball team adopted it one year back in the mid 90s as our unofficial anthem, and it still brings back memories of Bright College Days for me, and Geelong’s also for its lesser-known second verse.

    Agree with Dips about St Kilda’s. Even as a kid I always thought it a bit uninspired.

  4. Oh and Steve,

    any chance of a podcast RSS URL? I’ve really been enjoying the first couple, but I’d rather listen to it on the commute or out for a walk than have to tie myself to a desk or chew through mobile data on soundcloud.

  5. Richmond does have a rousing theme song. Trouble is, it sounds like it belongs in a musical rather than a chant to inspire great and heroic deeds from warriors playing the toughest sport in the world. When I hear it I imagine can-can girls and guys in top hats leaning in to sing “yellow and black”.

    The Hawks have the best song and not just because it’s author also wrote, ‘Along the Road to Gundagai’.


  6. Hi Rob,

    RSS is definitely on the way. The idea was to get a basic structure nailed down before broadcasting it to the world. As Mayor Quimby says “May all your disgraces be in private…”

    I too am a big fan of ‘Hearts to hearts and hands to hands, beneath the blue and white we stand…”

    Ben – Russian polka feel of GWS. Outstanding!

    Dips – love ‘the tannins are just too strong’. It’s begging to be put alongside puns about GWS being in the footballing cellar for a few years yet.

    Rick – Hawthorn’s is very catchy. Sadly, we’ve been hearing it a little too often in recent times.

  7. Jamie (Igor02) says

    Don’t mind the GWS ditty either. Makes me wish my Kosack dancing days weren’t quite so far behind me. In terms of the more traditional songs, Richmond’s makes losing to the Tiges a little more bareable. Very tribal. At the other end of the scale sits StKilda. There are teams in the league with more premierships than their song has words (14 individual words in total).

  8. kath presdee says

    I have a soft spot for the Geelong theme song because, being a lovely and considerate newly-wed, I suggested that we use the Toreador Song (instrumental) as the song we walked into at our wedding reception. Geelong-fanatic husband agreed. It was a fun, upbeat tune to parade into the room, the guests were clapping along and my husband had a huge grin because his Swan-supporting best man and Hawk supporting Groomsman were walking into a different club’s theme song.

    As a person who also follows Rugby League and Rugby Union I grew up listening to a Cronulla theme song to the tune of “Roll Out the Barrel” – so questions of taste of AFL theme songs should be judged on that point.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Richmond shit team great song of the newies the giants song is the best I reckon .
    The crows song v much grew on me re those glorious days in 97 and 98 .
    Loving the podcast , Steve lucky , Litza is so funny as he will carry on like a pork chop this week !

  10. Steve

    Great topic and well done on the podcasts so far. You are right, they sound like heaps of fun to do and loved last week’s (although agree with teh parting comment that you may not have given the Blues too much attention, poor things)

    Can’t stand the Geelong song, not from overuse, just because I think it is a lousy song.

    My thoughts here:


  11. rabid dog says

    Nothing like hearing 50000 rabid Tiges fans chant ‘yellow and black’ after a win at the MCG (although it’s not heard too often). Swans is pretty catchy. Keep ya sunny side up? What’s that about? Shinboners is pretty good too.
    Both the SA team songs are crap.

  12. My bugbear is the St Kilda song – especially the way it gets mangled by the players. It’s meant to be ‘How I love to be WITH St Kilds’, you morons! Everyone my age/older and his dog knows there’s only one reason to be ‘IN’ St Kilda’ and God knows that’s got sod all to do with football, or commitment to any long-term enterprise.

  13. Rob
    I believe it was during the D Pagan era that the “Hearts to hearts” intro was re-introduced, as it wasn’t sung during the Barassi golden era. That intro definitely improves the whole ditty.

  14. Peter Schumacher says

    So the South Australian songs are crap, I don’t mind Port’s that much.

    My contribution to a suggested new Crows song sung to the tune of “The Song of Australia”

    We are a team that gives its best,
    We never let opponents rest,
    We stride on to our premiership,our premiership.
    We dazzle with our kicks and marks,
    We find our targets on all parks,
    We are the team that makes Aussie Rules,
    Adelaide, great Adelaide, great Adelaide.

  15. mickey randall says

    Richmond and Collingwood, then daylight, and last, in a distant galaxy, Fremantle.

  16. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I still prefer

    Here We Go Camry Crows

  17. Not much love at all for the Sainters… interesting.

  18. Dave Nadel says

    Rick, Unless Jack O’Hagan wrote the lyrics to Happy Team at Hawthorn the Hawks club song was not written by the man who wrote the Road to Gundagai. The tune of the Hawthorn song “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” was written by George M Cohan in 1904. Cohan also wrote the tune of the Demon’s song “Grand Old Flag” (basis for a merger?)

    Club songs are supposed to be daggy so the best songs are either patriotic like the Hawthorn, Melbourne or Collingwood songs or music hall like the Carlton, Richmond or North Melbourne songs. Sydney’s US college football song is OK too. The Geelong and St Kilda songs are far better pieces of music, which actually makes them poorer club songs. The Marseilles (Fitzroy and then Brisbane) is just inappropriate. The Essendon song somehow manages to be daggy and lame at the same time, possibly because of its substandard lyrics.

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