The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode Ten

Episode 10 of the Footy Almanac Podcast – the ‘Jeggins and Bubbling’ episode is here!

Rick Kane and Sean Gorman are this week’s very special guests on the Almanac couch as your hosts Matty Q and The People’s Elbow host proceedings.

Sean talks about his days as a shearer before finding his way into academia and waxes lyrical about indigenous guerrilla poets, the beauty of indigenous footy and all things purple and white.

We find out off Rick how life is at the top of the AFL table as a Hawthorn supporter and revel in his musings on last weekend’s Melbourne v Western Bulldogs women’s match at the Docklands.

Don’t forget to check out Sean Gorman’s Purple Circus podcast for all things Freo!


… And a special hello to our preferred leisure pants provider, UniQlo.


You can listen to this week’s podcast and get the UniQlo reference HERE, or subscribe via iTunes






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  1. Oops. I think your link is munted, Steve. This seems to be the correct one:

  2. The most comfortable things in all of pantsdom…

  3. Litza, will be worn by all pocasting panellists… if we get sponsorship from them. Myself and Bakes will be able to fit one leg into them, I reckon. Sean Gorman, we’d love the link to the video of the footballers kicking the coke bottle. Cheers

  4. mickey randall says

    Sitting by the.pool in Singapore, listening to the podcast as our removalists go about their work. Lots of witty and informative discussion. Thanks.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Back home already Mickey, that went quick.

    Coincidentally, I borrowed the DVD of The Removalists from the local library on the weekend.

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff lads. Sean and Slim were excellent. Keep it coming.

  7. Sean Gorman says

    Litza you may have the pants mate but Amos has the moves. Amos, Hawthorn and the Donkey:

    Matt had a quick look for the coke bottle magic but will keep chipping.

    Had fun despite a bit uneasy sitting next to Craig and his ‘looseness’

  8. E.regnans says

    G’day all. Love the podcast. Great discussion.
    On yer masculinity thread, it got me thinking about the What Men Really Think About series, which was in mind having recently having discussed their topic of “Love” with Luke and Mickey at the Almanac lunch. The series had a “Masculinity” episode, with panellists Mark Bolton, Steve Bastoni and Lee Trew.
    Check out the site for transcripts of any topic and videos of some.
    The video of masculinity is here:
    Transcripts on masculinity are here:
    Mark Bolton (Essendon FC)
    Steve Bastoni (Actor, an Australian ambassador for Lifeline)
    Lee Trew (Bush tracker, psychotherapist)

    Mark Bolton’s has insight around culture and leadership and the unhealthiness of being cocooned in a necessarily competitive club life.
    Adios amigos.

  9. Swish- As we did not have to phone the police our move went better than that described in “The Removalists.”

    David- excellent follow-up. Thanks for the links. Good stuff. I owe you a red at our next Almanac luncheon!

  10. Patrick_Skene says

    Thanks gents for an hour and change of great discussion and merriment.

    All in sterling form!

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great suff keep em coming folks

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