Foody Almanac : Hoy Heng, Lest We Forget

Food, community and traditions: Steve Baker evokes a time when Footscray called the Western Oval its home and Chinese food in Barkly Street was a post-match ritual for Doggies fans.

Breakfast With the Goodfellas February 6-8: Super Bowl Wrap-up and the Latest in the A-League and the EPL

Welcome to February. The Asian Cup is over with and so it’s business as usual in the A-League and the EPL. Dr Cruel and Stone Cold settle in at Rocotillo’s Cafe in Frankston for some lunch and a chat about the Super Bowl and this weekend’s action in the world of football and soccer.   [Read more]

Adelaide Test, Australia v India : Day Four. Structure and Execution

I pay far too much attention than I should to Twitter. It was probably this time last week that twitter decreed Michael Clarke selfish and obstinate for declaring himself fit for the Adelaide Test. By Wednesday evening, according to the ‘soshal meedja’s’ he was a genius, a study in courage and a legend. He was [Read more]

The Goodfellas Footy Almanac World Game Podcast

Beginning today, we welcome The Goodfellas to the Footy Almanac for their look at the weekend’s action in the world game.

To Bounce, or Not To Bounce…

In the wake of the Phillip Hughes tragedy, Gideon Haigh raised some interesting points about technique and asks if we’ve become too complacent when it comes to batting safety.

No Winners In Post-Cup Mud-slinging

Steve Baker weighs in (pun intended) on the tragic events at Flemington yesterday following the running of the 2014 Melbourne Cup.

The Almanac Podcast – Episode 21: Danny Power

With the focus still on Spring Racing, venerated racing writer Danny Power joins Harmsy, Matty Q and Stone Cold Steve Baker on the couch to crack open a few bottles of red and share his love of the horse.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 20 – Shane Anderson

With footy season done and dusted, the podcasters re-convene on the couch with an eye towards spring racing. This week, they’re joined by RSN radio and Sky Racing’s Shane Anderson

Footy Almanac Podcast Grand Final Edition: Episode 19 – Podcasting Alfresco

Jake Norton of the Wandering Eye and Stone Cold Steve Baker are joined on the deck for a beer, some wine and all things Grand Final by Nick Bowen from and long-time Almanacker, Chris Bracher

Almanac Podcast – Episode 18: Crunchy Granola

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson joins Matty Q,  The People’s Elbow and Stone Cold as this week’s guest on the couch for the view from Arden Street as the ‘Norfmentum’ continues to roll deep into September. With his beloved CY’s winning the division one VAFA flag over the weekend, we also get some first hand experience on [Read more]

The Finals: Perfect Prelims – A Walk Down Memory Lane

The 2014 Preliminary Finals are drawing ever-closer. And to get us all in the mood, Steve Baker recalls some of the classic Prelims: Stynes going over the mark in ’87, Fraser Brown’s tackle in ’99, Plugger’s after the siren gem in ’96 and the death of the ‘Kennett Curse’.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 17 – Trevor Marmalade, Part Three

It’s semi-final weekend and six teams remain in the race for the 2014 AFL premiership. Start your weekend off with part three of our special extended podcast chats with ‘The Man Behind The Bar’, Trevor Marmalade.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 17 – Trevor Marmalade, Part Two

Our extended chat with Trevor Marmalade continues with part two of the podcast… Trev recalls some of the fun working on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and relates a cracking story involving Plucka Duck and the Australian Cricket team.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 17 Part One

Trevor Marmalade is a household name thanks to his work as a stand-up comic and TV stints on Hey Hey Its Saturday and as the Man Behind the Bar on Channel 9s AFL Footy Show. We were fortunate enough to coax him onto the couch for this week’s podcast. Sit back, open a bottle of your favourite Murrindidni wine and enjoy part one of Trevor Marmalade on the Almanac couch.

Almanac Roadtrip 2014: The Ovens and King Grand Final Weekend

Having gotten a taste for their brand of footy back in July, all roads lead to North-East Victoria in September for Steve Baker as he gets set for the 2014 Ovens and King Footy League Grand Final. 

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 16

Nice and early for you after an unavoidable hiatus, the podcast crew are back on the couch with this week’s guest; sportswriter and Almanacker, Jill Scanlon.

Footy Commentary – The gift that keeps on giving (or: Intellectual Wilderness, ho!).

Steve Baker has learnt plenty from our current crop of broadcasters…. at least 11 things.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 14

Journalist and author Warwick Green joins Matty Q, Stone Cold and JTH to chat about his friend Jim Stynes and their collaboration on My Journey, and how that biographical tome has been modified in an edition aimed at children. [Nice insights into Warwick’s footy and writing career, Jim’s life, and their friendship. Wonderful to be involved – thanks Warwick. JTH]

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode Lucky 13

This week Matty Q, The People’s Elbow and Stone Cold are joined by Ben Cuzzupe of Bound for Glory News to talk all things journalism. ‘yoof’ journalism and footy. And where are the footy computer games?

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 12

Comrades, Podcast 12 is out. Matty Q and The People’s Elbow are joined by Wandering Norton (who has been wandering around the antipodes) and first-gamer Titus O’Reilly (voice of the working class) to defend the right of us battlers to launch a tirade or two.