The Footy Almanac Podcast – Now available on iTunes

Almanackers, rejoice!

We’ve heard your cries for the podcast to be made available via iTunes and your wish is our command.

You can now subscribe to the vocal stylings of the People’s Elbow and Matty Q and have the shenanigans of the podcast delivered straight to your tablet or smartphone every Thursday.

All you have to do is click HERE and hit subscribe.

Be sure and spread the word, and enjoy The Footy Almanac podcast




About Steve Baker

Weapons-grade grump. Currently in an "it's complicated" relationship with Essendon.


  1. Stuart Hunter says

    Yay!!! I will now be able to annoy the crap out of fellow commuters on the north shore line as I get ‘the look’ from my failure to suppress my laughter. Like I care……!!!!

  2. Brilliant work, gents.
    Despite it being extremely Carlton-centric

  3. Go Blues…

  4. The criticism that there is too much Carlton on the podcast is nonsense.

    I look forward to this summer’s podcasts, and an equivalent weekly focus on international cricket powerhouse, and people’s favourite, Papua New Guinea.

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