Les Murray – An Australian Treasure

Laszlo Urge.

It’s a name that anyone who’s ever watched a World Cup or NSL match – not to mention the hundreds of ‘The World Game’ episodes – will undoubtedly know better as Les Murray.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Almanac Podcast, we thought it fitting to mention the retirement of one of this country’s most underrated sports commentators.

He is the man who introduced the word ‘fudtbuol’ into the lexicon and, alongside the dearly departed Johnny Warren, always believed that a Socceroos side would find its way back into the final 32 of a World Cup tournament, even in the darkest hours of gut-wrenching losses to Iran at the MCG in 1997 and to Uruguay in Montevideo in 2001.

Enjoy the 4 minutes and 25 seconds of Les Murray brilliance as he teams up with Vaudeville Smash and don’t forget to download this week’s Footy Almanac podcast – available on Thursday.







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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The question on everybody’s lips, thanks to TISM


  2. For many of us who love football / soccer, Les Murray is an absolute legend.

    In pre SBS, pay TV, internet Brisbane, obtaining current information about football in Europe or South America was almost impossible. I relied on out of date magazines and newspapers from the UK.

    SBS arrived n 1985 (ish) and was a revelation for football fans. World Soccer provided a variety of football from throughout the world and SBS could be relied on to cover major matches from around the world.

    SBS also ran a telephone football results service which was a recording of Les reading out the latest overnight results. Most mornings in our office or at home you would hear someone call out “has anyone called Les yet”.

    I will always be very thankful for SBSs coverage of football and I think Les Murray made a huge contribution to it.

  3. Dennis Gedling says

    Beat me to it Swish! I always remember his speech after SBS won the Logie (yeah..I know) for best sports event that was the Australia V Iran debacle. He was very gracious and humble whilst talking up the sport he’s talked up ever since he got off the boat.

    He’ll be missed but it was time to go. The last of SBS TV’s ‘Lizard Lounge’ have left the building.

  4. Paddy O'Peace says

    Les would make a great GG or when/if we get around to it, our President.
    A welcome change from Majors, Generals & Archbishops.

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