AFL Round 3: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher was going to write about footy but Adam Scott has fixed that.

AFL Round 2 – The View from Shepparton

If the Tigers keep up these performances, we might be forced to start believing in them, writes Peter Schumacher in his weekly wrap.

AFL Round 2 – Brisbane v Adelaide: The ambivalent Croweater

Peter Schumacher believes both the Crows and Lions have what it takes to make this year’s finals.

The View from Shepparton: The Suns shine

The Suns shone brightest in a great opening round, writes Peter Schumacher.

AFL Round 1: The View from Shepparton

As a foundation member of the anyone but Victoria Club and also as a born and bred Croweater I was really hoping that Adelaide would wallop Essendon on Friday night

The View from Shepparton

Lions fan Peter Schumacher used to be cynical about the NAB Cup but is now a fervent believer.

AFL Grand Final: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher nominated the winner, margin and Norm Smith Winner on Saturday, as for putting a wager on the trifecta….

AFL Finals – Week 3: The View from Shepparton

De facto Crows supporter Peter Schumacher couldn’t help buy ponder the “what ifs” while staring at the ceiling on Saturday night.

AFL Finals – Week 2: The View From Shepparton

So the home teams won. Fair enough so they should have. I bet that if these games had been held in Perth, Adelaide would have most likely been beaten but in fairness to the Pies, given their extremely impressive away record, just possibly.   I make this point because I reckon that whilst it is [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1: The View from Shepparton

I hope the tribunal throws the book at Chris Tarrant I love players that play the man and not the ball. I have had a sneaking respect for the Pies for most of the year but now hope that they get walloped.

The View from Shepparton: Revisiting early predictions

Peter Schumacher revisits his ladder predictions from the start of the year – Hawthorn on top, but the Bulldogs and St Kilda in the eight?

The View from Shepparton: Round 22

Another great round of footy with of course some really unexpected results. I found the Richmond Essendon game interesting for a couple of reasons, the first being that I marvelled as to how a team (Richmond) could have so much of the play and yet only be 29 points up at the half time break [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 21

My mob beat the Adelaide pretenders, no one can take them seriously now. They cannot play away from Footbrawl Park and that is that. On the other hand, what a  magnificent comeback from my mob. 38 points down at quarter time and then they gradually reeled them in. They are definitely the Richmond of the [Read more]

View from Shepparton

I don’t know when it happened but during the last  fortnight my long standing antipathy to all things English gradually dissipated and as they had success after success in that second week of the Olympic Games I found myself thinking, “Well good luck to you, you deserve all that you have achieved and more”. In [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Olympics Special

Tried to find the source of the quote, “Getting old is not for the faint hearted” but apart from finding a qualification, “neither is the alternative” , the best that I could come up with is “as the old man said”. Not very satisfactory I must confess. And what is the link with sport?.I have [Read more]

The View from Shepparton: Round 18 and other things, or was it other things and Round 18?

John Harms and Jon Faine on ABC 774 this morning  stole my thunder but I too wanted to make a point about life and that is this, when does confidence become cockiness?  You could apply this as much to those who thought that Black Caviar only had to stand on the track to win that [Read more]

One thing worse than following Richmond

Hi Fellow Barrackers, What is worse than being a Richmond supporter?  Being Adam Scott. How frustrating is sports sometimes, get great highs but I reckon that the lowest lows almost surpass the glorious highs. Poor old Tiges, fight back like you wouldn’t believe in that last quarter when the game seemed to be done and [Read more]

The view from Shepparton

Karmichael Hunt you bloody ripper! I reckon that any one with an ounce of sporting blood in them would have thrilled at this great after siren winning goal. And I’ll be the first to admit it, I had argued, particularly last year, that the Suns were always going to be a team of seventeen carrying [Read more]

Letter to Manila

I thought that this week I would share an edited version of a letter which I sent to a long standing friend who lives in Manila.   Last evening a marquee sports event in the Australian calendar took place, that is the third and deciding “State of Origin” Rugby League clash between Queensland and NSW.

The View from Shepparton – Round 14

Spain has won the European Cup. Have to be happy for them as it should be a real morale booster for the country. In the real world of Aussie Rules I have to say that like many people at the commencement of the  season I thought it would be a dull year with Geelong, Collingwood, Hawthorn, [Read more]