AFL Finals Week 1: The View from Shepparton

Winners and losers all over the place on Saturday and then there was the weekend footy as well. For me that was definitely a glass half full half empty situation as well. As ever I was really hoping that Sydney would clean up Hawthorn but did not hold high hopes of this eventuality. Just as [Read more]

AFL Round 23: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher says if Brisbane can almost beat Geelong then Freo must be a big chance. Here is his summary of the round.

AFL Round 22 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher gets a few things off his chest.

AFL Round 20 – Review: The View from Shepparton

This week’s big winner was the Pies and their phenomenal effort beating the Swans in Sydney.

AFL Round 19 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher is not one for hyperbole, so there must be some truth his claim that Sunday’s Showdown was one of the greatest matches in AFL history.

AFL Round 18: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher had a crack at rugby union a few weeks ago – now he’s on the Brumbies bandwagon, and why not after their win.

The View from Shepparton: A dearth of cricket talent

England, smash us in the cricket, we can cop that, but please don’t patronise us. That really hurts.

The View from Shepparton: Don’t moan Clarke, you were out

The Review System did work, don’t moan about Haddin or Clarke, they were out.

AFL Round 15: The View From Shepparton on Round 15 and Other Things

Was watching the rugby instead of Geelong-Hawthorn a good move? Not when you’re turning to Wikipedia to find out what’s going on. It was a varied weekend in sport for Peter Schumacher, but there’s still plenty to say about Round 15.

AFL Round 14: The View from Shepparton

In a week where Peter Schumacher finally accepts that his Lions cannot make the eight, he cheers on the good guys, has sneaky hopes for the Suns and pronounces the Port win good for football.

Almanac Rugby League – Origin II: The View from Schumacher

An Origin II recap – in verse – by the Shepparton bard, Peter Schumacher.

The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher lays out the highs and lows of the weekend. Ash McGrath’s calm kick after the siren and Kurtley Beale’s last minute shocker are at the top of the agenda.

AFL Round 12 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher will be watching the soccer tonight – until Crocodile School comes on at 8. Come on people, crocodiles!

AFL Round 11: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher looks back on a round of surprise comebacks, shining Swans, falling Eagles, dogged Suns, and individual brilliance at the death knell.

AFL Round 10: The View from Shepparton

There comes a time when you cast sporting emotions aside and think of the heart and soul of those involved. So it is when Peter Schumacher thinks of Sam Stosur and Mark Neeld.

AFL – Round 9: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher’s Lions weren’t totally awful, but they weren’t good enough either. Its no fun in No Man’s Land.

AFL Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane: Not so fast, Bombers

The hubris of the Essendon fans before the game made victory even sweeter for Lions fan Peter Schumacher.

AFL Round 7: The View from Shepparton

After listening to classical music (played on the pipe organ, no less), Peter Schumacher is in a feisty mood and Monday night football, Kevin Sheedy and AFL greed are in his sights. (If he’s the Almanac version of Alex, someone should warn the good people of Shepparton.)

AFL Round 6 – The View from Shepparton: Look a bit deeper, Vossy

Voss said: “ Our first quarters are letting us down tremendously” Err, well yes that is true but I think that we need a somewhat deeper analysis than that.

AFL Round 5: The View from Shepparton

The View from Shepparton is bleak following the local cannery’s decision to slash its local pear and peach intake, says Peter Schumacher.