The View from Shepparton – Round 14

Spain has won the European Cup. Have to be happy for them as it should be a real morale booster for the country.

In the real world of Aussie Rules I have to say that like many people at the commencement of the  season I thought it would be a dull year with Geelong, Collingwood, Hawthorn, and St Kilda dominating the competition with little much else of any interest.

Now look it, even my mob are  outsiders to make the finals now. The acid test will certainly come quickly enough, Sydney at home next week. Watched most of the game against Melbourne, brought back memories to see the way that Black baulked and then turned an opponent inside out as he engineered yet another foray into the forward line. Melbourne of course were vastly under strength but then many other sides have been so as well. Anyway the Lions looked pretty good. In this day of of multiculturism it is good to see Black, Brown, Green and Redden playing so well, pretty Rich and certainly full of Merrett I reckon. We will see if we have the luck of the Irish next week.

Port gave Geelong a rough sort of a go yesterday. A brave loss some thought but of course we all know how useless that is. As for Geelong a win is a win is a win..

Always happy when St Kilda loses and was particularly so yesterday given the fact that they played all over the Roos for the majority of the first quarter. Daniel Wells must have played a blinder, good on him, he has always seemed to me to be a player verging on greatness but not quite. Perhaps this might be the start of a more consistent streak.

Collingwood were always going to beat Freo in Melbourne, Pavlich showed again what a great leader he is with his five goals. I really dislike this idea of “co captain” even though Rick Charlesworth apparently champions the idea in Australian hockey teams. Who am I to argue the toss with such an out and out great sporting entity, but nevertheless I will. I think that it is a bad look, you want the one, the one player who can be truly inspirational. Brown and Jobe Watson come to mind immediately in that regard.

Adelaide had a truly great win against the Tigers although I imagine that the latter team’s  supporters would see it completely differently. How can a team kick an eight goal first quarter and then lose?: I listened to some of this match on the wireless and all I heard at the first “listen” was a description of  two completely errant handballs by Adelaide which resulted in Richmond goals which action threatened to completely derail Adelaide’s momentum just when they were trying to reel in that 33 point deficit. This course of action tended to make me irritable and difficult to live with and the soothing comments of the Minister for  Home Affairs to the  effect that it was only a  game made no traction with me at all. Incidentally, how was it that Taylor Walker could get a free kick out of a reportable incident, an apparent version of a spear tackle so rumour has it?

West Coast thrashed the Suns at home. This was a given. The main interests in such a game would be how many times Naitanui or Ablett would star in high lights packages.

Essendon were truly awesome in their win against the Bulldogs. Hurley has risen to another level in the past few weeks. I actually didn’t see much of this match. The grand kids were over and they chanced on “Ocean’s 13”. Girls I find, at least as represented my my lovely youngsters are not in any way hard wired for sport. This film got great reviews and to be fair my grand tribe did their best to aid their aging senile grandfather understand and keep up with the plot but the sad truth is that this stuff was way above my head as I imagine most sports would be above theirs. Anyway the Bombers are looking awesome, along with it must be said Collingwood and Hawthorn and possibly Sydney and of course the West Coast.

Getting to Sydney, another easy percentage booster against the Giants who as I have previously explained should be better known as the “Sprawlers” because of their ostensible origin in the Sydney Western Suburbs sprawl. Good to note that Jack played another terrific game for the Swans.

Hawthorn quite easily disposed of the Blues which is another team which has copped more than its fair share of injuries. I can’t understand why the knives are out for Ratten although I suppose that when a team falls from being world beaters to also-rans this is bound to cause a certain amount of consternation.

Highlight of the week: Spain. Lowlight: Collectively the thrashings dealt out to the Suns and the Sprawlers.

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  1. Natanui – 4. Fair game. Worked hard. 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the game tells his hunger for the contest.
    G Ablett Jnr – 0. The Suns have finally broken his spirit. Going through the motions. Disinterested.

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    It will be a sad day if Ablett does get fed up and disinterested, he is the only thing the club has going for them at the moment.

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