One thing worse than following Richmond

Hi Fellow Barrackers,
What is worse than being a Richmond supporter?  Being Adam Scott. How frustrating is sports sometimes, get great highs but I reckon that the lowest lows almost surpass the glorious highs.
Poor old Tiges, fight back like you wouldn’t believe in that last quarter when the game seemed to be done and dusted but there are no god’s in football, if there had been one that last last kick from the Richmond forward line would have bounced through between the goal posts, not skewed off to the right, it might just have slightly made up for last week’s disappointment. I imagine however that Shinboner’s  barrackers see the whole thing differently, it would have been a game that they shouldn’t have lost. I do wish though  that Jack would give up complaining to the umpires every two seconds.
I think that I said last week, “Geelong you are gone”  yet another groveling apology needed, they looked really good to me this week, in that form could scare anyone, Essendon on the other were very ordinary.  Good to see Hawkins playing well again, gee that bloke attracts comment one week to the next, a little like Cloke really except that the Tomahawk hadn’t completely lost it.
I know that human memory, particularly mine, is very fallible but if I have seen a better standard of footy than that displayed by Hawthorn in their demolition of the Pies, well I can’t immediately recall it, (but Brisbane back in 2001 – 3 ……). I thought that up to a couple of weeks ago Collingwood were well nigh impregnable but put under pressure there were gaping holes everywhere. Cloke, along with many others, had a shocker.
Carlton cleaned up the Western Bulldogs. How did the latter become the “Western Bulldogs” anyway? Why not call them “Footscray” the way that they always were. An outsider would have no idea where they were from. The “West Coast Eagles” is another name which is an example of this. What would have been wrong with the “Perth Eagles” . This is exactly the problem with the Rugby, wouldn’t have a clue who you are supposed to be barracking for half the time.. Anyway, I digress, it is painful to watch Brett Ratten at work, he seems to be under so much stress and tension. It is a relief when Carlton get up. Actually when I think of it it was pretty painful to watch Alastair Clarkson as well although he pretty much inflicted the pain on himself.
Brisbane came good again, knew that they would. If they hadn’t lost a couple of winnable games earlier on in the season they could have been right up there positioning themselves for the final eight and scaring everyone to death, well that’s what I reckon anyway. As to the “winnable games” I can’t recall any particular ones but there must have been a couple there somewhere. Somewhat ironic that Brennan stuffed up a chance but that’s Brennan, one of the most frustrating players in the game.
Adelaide, well dear old Adelaide, they tease but do they produce when it really counts? They won at home against a very depleted Perth Eagles side but I will be a true believer if they win at Kardinia Park next week. Nevertheless they did what they had to and more on Saturday. Be interesting to see if they play Tippett next week, on the medical evidence available to us outsiders they shouldn’t, in fact it has got to the stage where one must wonder if he should ever play again.
Fremantle thrashed the Sprawlers, the latter have become an embarrassment to the AFL. I must say that Pavlich isn’t, he is a great leader I reckon and now Freo are just out of the eight. Come on Dockers!
Sydney had a great win against St Kilda who were certainly not disgraced, indeed at the end of the first quarter I thought that they looked to be likely to cause an upset. Once again I have to admit that Milne can really play the game. It really does seem that these days that even a five goal deficit can be reeled in so that teams who have a decent lead can never feel complacent.  I hope that Mumford’s injury is not significant.
Port won against Melbourne, hard to get keen about this game given the venue and the status of the teams involved. I have written before about the Powerless’s fall from grace but by crikey Melbourne were a great team once, too. Being a Croweater I didn’t hear much about Victorian football in my youth but Len Smith and Melbourne do stir some memories.
Highlight for the week: Hawthorn.
Lo Light: Adam Scott.

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  1. Cheryl Critchley says

    Sorry Peter but for the past 30 years there hasn’t been anything worse than being a Richmond supporter :-)

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