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Karmichael Hunt you bloody ripper! I reckon that any one with an ounce of sporting blood in them would have thrilled at this great after siren winning goal. And I’ll be the first to admit it, I had argued, particularly last year, that the Suns were always going to be a team of seventeen carrying one. The thing is, he was under pressure, real pressure, and he kicked the damned thing straight. It can be done, indeed to be fair Dean Cox had kicked a winner only a minute or two out the previous week. But this still wasn’t the same as the  after the siren goal. I think that given the context of the occasion this thus far would have to be my highlight of the year. And I wasn’t listening to the radio, gave it away as an easy Tiges win. What a dill!

Judd, what can you say? The bloke has given footy followers reason to marvel at his football skills from one week to the next for years. You’d go to a game just to watch him. But he has a flaw, he does things which to the average observer are plain weird, particularly given the context of his current position as Carlton’s captain, a Carlton which needs every hand on deck to make the finals. I have been racking my brains as to why he does these things, I wonder if it is the endless incessant niggling  and tagging he cops every week which must get to him until he can’t stand it any more. He will be outed for weeks, can only imagine  what coach Ratten thinks when he himself seems to be under extreme pressure every other minute. This was my low light of the round.

So my mob were rolled again, good away win for the Saints, exit Brisbane’s remaining final’s hope for this year. Well I suppose that they are in a rebuilding phase. So unfortunately are seventeen other teams to a greater or lesser extent. Don’t think that St Kilda can make the finals either.

Sydney is still slipping under the radar with most Victorian followers and to be fair their record at the MCG hasn’t been all that flash. They have though walloped the Eagles at home so that has to mean something. Most of us here however are still thinking Collingwood, Hawthorn, (seen their percentage lately)? Adelaide, nah, can’t play in Melbourne, was put off by their being rolled by the Hawks and Shinboners earlier in the season.

North Melbourne looked really good on Friday night but are too inconsistent to be a real threat, will be spoilers for the rest of the year however. Carlton are gone.

Collingwood were superb against Geelong their relentless real and virtual pressure, causing the latter to frequently turn over the ball in ways not seen for a year or three. Dale Thomas Tarrant and Harry particularly caught my eye. Geelong you are stone motherless gone as well, Maggies you should be favourites, hang on, there you go, forgot about Sydney!

Essendon made the Powerless look just that particularly in that last quarter. As they hadn’t won “over there” for yonks this was a pretty powerful statement. Gumbleton certainly rated a mention and good luck to him.

Hawthorn thrashed the Dogs in a game that was depressing to watch. Whenever you see a team messing around with short kicks or kicking back coming out  of the backline you know that they are totally bereft of confidence and likely to be thrashed. There was a time a few years ago when I thought that the Western Bulldogs were going to be another Brisbane with the young talent they had coming on but this hasn’t happened.

Adelaide thrashed the Sprawlers but they needed to to get their percentage up. I have to say that on the wireless, after an even first few minutes it sounded like the Crows did play well particularly given their outs.

I think a Hawthorn Collingwood Grand Final but with Sydney in the mix, not sure.

Postscript: What a great win by the Rabbitohs particularly that last try, just gives the average person like myself an absolute thrill when NRL is played like this. Any other time would have been my week’s highlight.

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