Round 3

For the first time in two years I was actually at footy match, at the MCG to boot and starring the Cats and the Magpies. First up, for all of Dennis Cometti’s commentating skills, where oh where has the seconds warm up game gone? Oh OK, I am aware that this format went the way [Read more]

Round 2

What with landscaping, church working bees and the like I now find that it is Tuesday and I haven’t yet got together my mish mash of thoughts re round 2. The two stand outs to me were on the one hand Dean Laidley praising his team after their performance against the Bulldogs. How refreshing this [Read more]

Round 1

As many have said, so why not one more, not much can be taken out of the first of 22 rounds. Still, I would rather be a Brisbane  than a Richmond supporter as the Lions commence their relentless march to the finals. Hope that they don’t expect to keep on winning though by producing one [Read more]