AFL Round 2 – The View from Shepparton

OK. Round Two has come and gone and my mob are zip two along with 6 others. Bit of a bummer that.

The Richmond St Kilda game was a real cracker and if the Tigers keep this up one  might have to start believing in them, Jack Riewoldt incidentally seems to have an insufferable arrogance but given the way he plays I guess that he can get away with it. Maric is rapidly becoming a cult figure, the one player perhaps who has that ridiculously unkempt hair style and get away with it. At least he looks as though he is enjoying the game. Nick played well and seemed on Sunday to add another string to bow as a really good and engaging special comments person.

When I saw the first scores coming up on the Sprawls v the Powerless I thought, “here we go, this mob are going to do Port”, so I started to watch in eager anticipation, it was about at this stage that a couple of Port’s new aboriginal players weaved their magic in such a way that makes our great game the way it is, spine tingling ball handling skills and passing.  Even so, at half time GWS could have been pretty encouraged by the way that they were going. I reckon that they will do a few teams this year, as for Port, too early to say but they can’t have had a much more encouraging start to the season.

All that the Essendon Melbourne game proved was how Essendon have overcome brilliantly really their pre season disasters although these are still to play out. On the other hand every expert has a different opinion on where to now for Melbourne. This situation shows sport at its cruellest, the reality and harshness of just not being good enough. Nobody could have had any joy at the post match press conferences held either by captain or coach. I suppose that if I was a Demon supporter I would be angry as to how it came to this but the point is, what lessons are there to be learned and what can be done about the situation in the short and long term anyway? Essendon will have a real test against Freo but they disposed of the Crows very easily.

I was hoping and expecting that my mob would get up against Adelaide, it being a home game and all but Adelaide made better use of their opportunities particularly in the last quarter. Both teams have interesting games next week for Brisbane it is now a must win against the Gold Coast, but that is no certainty, and for Adelaide they will probably lose against the Power. Having made those points, both Adelaide and Brisbane looked pretty good on Saturday night so that these games will be hard to pick. Sloan, Dangerfield and Scott Thompson were exciting to watch and of course Taylor Walker is starting to hit his straps at full forward. For Brisbane, Hanley played very well, most of his disposals went somewhere. Rockliff and Leuenberger played OK as well. In fact it was great to see the latter back in the team after a year out with injury. At 6t ft 9 in the old money he is a terrific talent.

The Suns made life interesting for the Swans for a while which was rather exciting but Sydney were always in control after half way into the second quarter..

I was sorry and surprised all at once that the Hawks thrashed the Eagles, perhaps West Coast’s many injuries are catching up to them. Bet they can’t wait to get Naitanui back, and in form. It was a really good win by the Hawks though.

Collingwood v Carlton, who to barrack for?, the Malteasers or the Wobblers. Couldn’t bring myself to barrack for the Pies so had to grudgingly go for the Teasers. Didn’t do me any good, but it was another cracking game. The Pies looked really good, frighteningly so!

How did North lose? In another great game the roof wasn’t closed so that fixed North or at least that seemed to be coach Scott’s take on it, (don’t ask me which Scott, wouldn’t have a clue).  North proved once again that you don’t have to b dead to be stiff. Rather than the roof being an issue I thought that that last free kick to the Cats in the square was pretty soft. Oh Ok, the player on the way down might have received a little help but generally speaking this seemed to be a weekend of soft frees which didn’t help the game at all.

High Point: Geelong’s comeback

Lo Point: Melbourne (again)

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