AFL Finals – Week 3: The View from Shepparton

As a de facto Crows supporter lying awake at night thinking, “what if Dangerfield had got away from Stratton in that last quarter just after Adelaide had hit the front?” It was a mighty “catch” of Stratton’s of course but did he hold on for a fraction too long? I have banged on all year about Buddy ultimately costing the Hawks a final because of his inaccurate kicking. Well he  nearly did but on the other hand he did get that goal which ultimately made the game safe.

What a great game this was, had Hawthorn lost they would have been rueing heaps more lost opportunities than was the case for Adelaide. In truth the should have scored three goals before Adelaide even got a look in but no, the ball was suddenly in Adelaide’s attacking area withTippett suddenly finding the form which had deserted him for months, and the Hawthorn defence could not stop him.

It seemed right throughout the first half that it  was only a matter of time before the floodgates opened and Hawthorn would get right on top. But it didn’t happen and once again Taylor Walker showed that he had truly arrived as a big game player by once again slotting a critical 6 pointer after the half time siren for Adelaide to hit the front. We dared to hope!

The hope turned into despair as Hawthorn kicked the first four goals of the third quarter and I said resignedly to the Minister of Home Affairs that it was all over particularly with Rutten’s clanger when he passed the ball straight to Rioli and couldn’t then catch him.

Adelaide were not done though and once again as Hawthorn fluffed opportunities to seal the game early in the last quarter Adelaide kept getting closer and closer. How would have Schoenmakers have felt had that goal of Johncock’s been the final score. How we Crows supporters dared to hope, again, but there are very few fairytales in sport, those last two goals to Rioli and Franklin finished it. There has been discussion that given the lack of time left Taylor Walker took too long to prepare for his final shot at goal but the fact is that he scored truly and instead of admonishing him, and Dangerfield for not getting away from that tackle, they should both receive the highest praise for putting the Crows into a winning position in the first place.

I’ll be the first to admit that all year I have reckoned that Adelaide was soft “Flat track Footy Park Bullies who couldn’t win important matches”. Well I am very happy to admit the error of my ways, they were fantastic and whilst not really, I suppose, unlucky to lose, it would have been great to see how they might have gone next week, if only. Hawthorn’s backline looks a bit shaky but do Sydney have an attack as effective as the Crow’s forwards were on Saturday?

Sydney made the Pies look ordinary but going into the last quarter Collingwood did look possible. The pundits appear to forget that. Who though will forget that run of Jetta’s even if it was of doubtful legality. This is one time where the whistle  being put away was great for the game, from a Sydney and independent observer’s viewpoint anyway. I reckon that O’Keefe is timeless he must have been with the team for ever, Jude Bolton certainly has. Cloke and particularly O’Brien despite his out of bound kick on the full which resulted in a Sydney goal, played  reasonable games for the Pies.

Highlight: Jetta’s length of the field try, sorry goal. Lowlight: Adelaide just falling short.

Sydney to win Saturday by 15.

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  1. Tony Roberts says

    Tippett to the Lions for 2013. Believe it when I see it…

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    What, you reckon he is too risky?

  3. Tony Roberts says

    Not that, just that the Crows will now be far more interested in retaining Tippett than they would have over the preceding month or two.

  4. Peter Schumacher says

    Looks like he is going anyway!

  5. Peter McNamara says

    Your GF tip was pretty close. Well the best team won the Grand Final 2012 (Go Swans) by 10 points which made it a fantastic spectacle to watch. They beat the favourites from the start of the season. Well done. Keep up the great commentary.
    From a die-hard Swans supporter for 50 years. Peter Mc

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