The View from Shepparton – Round 21

My mob beat the Adelaide pretenders, no one can take them seriously now. They cannot play away from Footbrawl Park and that is that. On the other hand, what a  magnificent comeback from my mob. 38 points down at quarter time and then they gradually reeled them in. They are definitely the Richmond of the north except that they have won more premierships in  the dim distant past (as represented by 2001 – 2003). Adelaide will not get a home final even though they still have a great draw, Melbourne will probably beat them and they will go out one two. So endeth the season for the flat track bullies of Football Park.

Carlton made Essendon look pretty silly but then a lot of sides, except Adelaide, have done that recently. How long before Hirdy and the Bomber start feeling some heat? Meanwhile, Carlton as was the case at the beginning of the season looked really good and they should now make the eight. Where to after that is anyone’s guess. The funny thing is that one loss and poor Ratten will be under the microscope again.

Freo beat Richmond at home. As potential finalists they should have but unfortunately for them Carlton has a better draw in these last two round and the Dockers will just miss out, a pity really, would have been nice to have the two Western Australian sides going around in September.

The Hawks beat the Suns. I thought that when the Suns got within 4 goals in that third quarter that they might have yet made a game of it but no! Having Franklin out is a bit of a mixed bag. He is certainly a match winner and a bloke that you would go to the footy to watch but all of those missed chances he manages to accrue each game….  Will save some Hawthorn barrackers the potential of having a heart attack when they play Geelong in the final particularly given that it will be a close game.

This gets me to Sydney, Footscray, the latter gave a great account of themselves in the first quarter but what happened after that? I re-joined the commentary in the last quarter when suddenly the Swans had scored 24 goals. It is probably a really harsh call, they couldn’t have done much more to impress but they haven’t beaten the Collywobbles in years and they can’t play  at the MCG.

I opined last week, totally incorrectly as usual that the Pies were going to be the ones. I forgot that Cloke can’t play to save himself, that million dollar contract has to be looking shaky, surely? In addition Dawes had a shocker as well. And they got out to a four goal start. Bloody Hell, what’s it all coming too? North Melbourne were on the other hand magnificent. For a small club with apparently about 3  followers, these being the coach and his parents (they decided against Geelong, they have already one a flag for a favourite son), and a couple of benches in their gym, they are doing OK. Wouldn’t like to be facing them in the finals, could trouble anyone.

The Perth Eagles beat the Powerless even though it was a home game for the latter. Another scintillatingly great weekend for South Australian Football.

Geelong put St Kilda out of their misery for this year but as this happened last Friday night and I knocked over a couple of reds, cannot remember too much about it.

Melbourne beat the Sprawlers but everyone does except  Port Adelaide.

Highlight: Brisbane beating the Crows. Lo light:  Essendon falling apart as happened at this time last year.

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