Definition of Football

Yoshi Imagawa spends Christmas Dinner watching the EPL and ponders which code lays the best claim to being called “football”.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Watching Highlight Videos

It’s a love affair: Yoshi Imagawa and Test cricket. Yoshi struggles through the the cold of Sapporo’s winter and what sounds suspiciously like a hangover to keep tabs on the action at the MCG on day four.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Yoshi’s Cricket Diary

The Test cricket bug has well and truly bitten Yoshi Imagawa. Yoshi keeps track of both Australia and New Zealand’s fortunes in matches against India and Sri Lanka, respectively, while going about his usual Sunday in downtown Sapporo, Japan

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Scores from Snowy Sapporo

Yoshi Imagawa, our man for all sports and all seasons, reports on the snatches of the Boxing Day test he caught up with in Sapporo.

What Yoshi Thinks About Cricket

Yoshi Imagawa’s love affair with all things Australia and New Zealand continues. Having fallen for Australian Rules and the All-Blacks, is siren song of Test cricket now calling to Imagawa-san?

International Christmas Foods and Christmas in Japan

Imagawa-san shares an insight into how Christmas Day is spent in Japan, as well as taking us all on a culinary tour of traditional Christmas dinners from all corners of the globe.

[Warning: do not read if hungry. You have been warned – Ed]

Italian Immigrants and Footy

The Carlton Football Club and Melbourne’s Italian community are inextricably linked. Stephen Silvagni’s departure from Seaford to return to Carlton as List Manager presented our Japanese ‘Knacker, Yoshi Imagawa with not only another research project, but a valuable lesson on the important contribution of multiculturalism to Australia’s game.

Analysis on St Kilda Records: Victoria versus Interstate

Sapporo’s St Kilda tragic Yoshi Imagawa has been hard at work, studying the Saints’ recent form, both in Victoria and Interstate. Can a St Kilda flag by 2020 be a reasonable expectation based on Yoshi’s analysis?

Fremantle’s Records in Melbourne

Yoshi Imagawa continues his analysis of Fremantle and St Kilda under Ross Lyon: Today, he looks at Freo’s record in Melbourne – particularly at the Docklands

How Writing Has Been Improving Me

The best writing is when it comes from the heart. Yoshi Imagawa’s latest post tells how immersing himself in footy culture is doing wonders for his confidence and research skills.

Developing Story on Sports and Tourism

Yoshi Imagawa-san takes us on a tour through the Sapporo Youth Science Museum. His verdict? Read on…

Saints High Performance Camp in Queenstown, New Zealand

Yoshi Imagawa’s itch for all things St Kilda received some scratching on the weekend. Channel 7’s Tom Browne filed a series of reports on the Sainters’ pre-season work in Queenstown, New Zealand.

A Poem to ‘Baby Roo’

Yoshi Imagawa welcomes the latest St Kilda Father-Son prospect (only 18 years to go until he’s eligible, Saints fans…) into the world with some quality prose .

A Poem to Ahmed Saad

Yoshi Imagawa: Footy lover, cycling enthusiast and now, with this ode to St Kilda’s Ahmed Saad, we add ‘Renaissance Man’ to the list.

Yoshi Keeps Writing about Footy: Ross Lyon’s Play List

Some more Yoshi Imagawa brilliance from our ‘Nacker in the Land of the Rising Sun. Yoshi’s run the numbers on Ross Lyon’s Dockers and confirms a (potentially) concerning trend re-emerging.

Welcome Message to New Saints

Yoshi Imagawa has been reading the (green?) tea leaves and predicts bright futures for his Saints new draft picks.

The Support Needed by Footballers and the Expectations on Coaches

Yoshi offers some thoughts on player development and support…and that of coaches also.

Captaining AFL Clubs

Yoshi (from Japan) looks at the recent movements of players and the decisions clubs have made in naming their captains.

Sports and Tourism

Yoshi Imagawa mixes sport and tourism to reveal the delights of Sapporo, Melbourne and New Zealand. Sapporo’s beer museum should attract many Australian visitors.

Yoshi’s Perception of Sport and Art

The Footy Almanac’s Northern Japan correspondant, Yoshi Imagawa, compares sport and art. A thought provoking piece from the Sapporo scribe.