Opportunities to See the Biggest Event in Kyoto

G’day and Ciao,

As you know, it is the first year to live in Kyoto and I have heard that Gion Festival was the biggest event in Kyoto. The festival is coming up soon.

My knowledge of the festival is that the main event is the big parade with mikoshi, traditional Japanese Shinto decorated items carried on shoulders. Main streets in the downtown will be closed when parades are held.

But as the festival is close (it is held in July), I have just researched and found that it was a month lasting event with various short events.

I guess that you will focus on supporting your footy club and on writing your footy stories.

But booking accommodation during the festival season is so hard. I have heard that some people were struggling with finding a bed.

However I have no idea why, but our inns have some rooms available on July 12 to 14. If you decide to take a mid season break and to see the Gion Festival, why not staying at Shouan or Sanjojuku (where I am working for)?

I reckon it is a great and big opportunity as rooms have been already booked out. For more information, please visit:




Excuses for Sainters to visit here would be to take a break after two away matches in a row (Round 14 against Essendon and Round 15 against GWS), but I do hope the mighty Saints show efforts and win games.

I think Blue fans will need a retreat in Kyoto from shocking Chris Judd’s injury and retirement.

Fans for flag contenders such as Fremantle, Hawthorn and Sydney Swans (and possiblility West Coast Eagles) will be able to gain power and energy to a hope winning the flag.

Dees fans will need to heal by seeing a very traditional Japanese city from the narrow loss against us on Sunday.

Speculations of Dangerfield would make Adelaide Crows supporters an excuse to take a break coming to Kyoto.

Their cross town rival fans would be able to gain power to fight.

Tigerland people may need to see something different before the match against us. I hope we win to honour Maddie Riewoldt.

Doggie fans can snarl at the parades no matter if they win over the Suns or not.

For Gold Coast Suns supporters, an excuse to see the festival is still to escape from the beach and to heal from the bite made by bulldogs, maybe.

Their Q-clash rivals would need to roar at the parade to celebrate big wins over Port Adelaide and Carlton.

Supporters for the North and Geelong would need a break after the Scott brother match.

Recent media stories about Essendon can hurt Don supporters. Gain power for the weapon at the parades.

GWS fans can join the parades as big men will be on the streets, I reckon.

Collingwood fans may be able to teach their president how to behave well by visiting Kyoto?

Thank you for reading and I hope I will hear from you soon. Also sharing this story with your family and friends would be much much appreciated.


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