Fancy Traditional Japanese Room on Post Footy Season Holiday?

The mighty Saints played well against Geelong last week. As a Sainter, I was so glad that the match was draw (to be honest I wanted the Saints to win but it was much better than loss).

As we still have two matches left, I still hope we will play competitive footy in the rest of the 2015 season that will lead more wins in 2016.

I will pay attention to the Western Bulldogs in the final series. The Doggies have been improving well this year that I had not predicted. My biggest hope is that the premiership cup will be brought to Footscray.

No matter if your club is playing in the final series or not, have you planned to see the different culture for nice experience? Why not coming to Kyoto and seeing me? I would like to guide this beautiful city and talk about footy.

On the Grand Final Eve, my favourite Oku no ma at Shouan is still available. If you do fancy the traditional Japanese room with cleaness, quietness and comfortableness, please contact me and then I will give you a quote.

If you are disappointed with your club’s perfomances in the 2015 Home and Away Season, you will get refreshed and heal at our inn (Shouan). Oku no ma is still available between 13 and 18 September (as on 29 August). For room availabilities and rates, you can check at or contact me freely.

First come, first serve.

I will look after you. Please please come to Kyoto and stay at Shouan. Cultural experience and footy discussions will happen in Kyoto with me!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


PS You can ask a quote to Shouan, but it is better to ask me direct so please email me at my personal email address shown in my profile on the Almanac website. When asking a quotation, please indicate that you found Shouan on the Almanac. Thank you!

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