Kick-to-Kick at Docklands Stadium

In between being busy cleaning up my apartment and organising things for a new life chapter in Kyoto starting in two days, once again the AFL Fan’s Association’s Facebook Page’s post caught my eyes this morning.

According to the Herald Sun, St Kilda is pushing for kick-to-kick at Docklands Stadium after Sunday games.

When I saw the headline, I thought that the idea was great. If I could, I would go to Sunday games and get involve in the activity because I have never kicked footy if I were in Melbourne.

Negotiations have been process, but sadly the Etihad management is reluctant to have kick-to-kick because of the stadium’s surface issues.

However it is reported that the stadium has had no surface issue since the 2010 season thanks to a huge technology overhaul.

Then why not letting the activity go?

One of Facebook users suggested that the stadium was reluctant because they only cared about money.

But the stadium management should think about getting more spectators by holding the post-game activity. If I were a dad, I would say “Let’s go to footy. Not only the game but also kick-to-kick are interesting! You will love it,” to my children. I would want to see a smile on my son’s or daughter’s face at the end of the day.

Another point of view is that all Melbourne clubs should be treated equally.

The MCG will have kick-to-kick on Sunday afternoon games. MCG tenants get more supporters than those whose home ground is Docklands. Then Essendon, North Melbourne, the Western Bulldogs, Carlton and St Kilda should have the same opportunities as MCG’s big customers have.

I reckon when the kick-to-kick is going well, St Kilda will have more fans and AFL will benefit as well as the stadium. I hope the stadium management thinks again to give us green light.

As mighty Saints are seeking to get more Kiwi fans, I think having kick-to-kick in Wellington should be considered. Not only children but also adults will find AFL more interesting over in the New Zealand capital.

I want to see young stars to enjoy involving in footy and to keep the sport unique and interesting in the future. Etihad Stadium management, please help us to keep and improve the unique game.

One day I want to join kick-to-kick at a St Kilda’s home game.

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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi, l’m a bit late in getting to this article. I hope they change their mind at Ethiad before the season begins and I can go and kick the ball badly!


  2. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your comment and sorry for the lare eespond as I was very busy yesterday at work.

    I think engaging in the activity and enjoying is more important rather than how we perform. I would not kick well, but want to try.

    Fingers crossed with the potential kick-to-kick at Docklands!!

    Have a good week :)


  3. Hi Yoshi. It looks like the AFL and Etihad WILL be giving the post match kick-to-kick a trial run to see how it goes

  4. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your mention and I am sorry for the late respond.

    It is a good move that young Saint fans will enjoy the activity on Sundays at Etihad Stadium. I wish I could be there this year…



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