Save Wellington Phoenix

I started Tuesday morning with a shocking statement from Wellington Phoenix.

Their ten-year licence extension has been rejected by Football Federation Australia.

It is a bad wake up call. Thanks God, I can have time today to express my thoughts on the Almanac (it is my day off).

FFA’s point of view is that the Wellington Phoenix’s operations did not meet criteria for A-League.

The Phoenix’s on field performances were good last year and won over Brisbane Roar last weekend. I do not understand why they have to go.

FFA is only focusing on profit? Commercial activities? Sponsorships? Broadcast rights? Look! Sport is not all about business. It is for fun, passion and enjoyment.

Wellingtonians are so friendly and warm. Kiwis are passionate about rugby union, but football is quite popular too. Wellington is a cultural city and I am sure people like to see various events including sports. Existing the Phoenix is good and unique not only for Wellington but also for the football competition.

Sadly the mighty Saints were not able to bring enough spectators to extend the contract with Wellington City Council, but the Phoenix have a different background and history. I have found a Facebook comment indicating many Kiwis supported the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is the only A-League club in Wellington and New Zealand. Why do FFA have to get rid of the Phoenix? Does the Wellington club face financial problems like the old Fitzroy had?

The same as the Phoenix, I want answers from the Australian football organisation. I am curious to know reasons why they will or might not exist.

St Kilda will not have an Anzac Day clash in Wellington any more. Then today’s shocking news arrived. I do not want to see Fitzroy of A-League.

This article needs to be read by the FFA board. Also it would be much appreciated if the Phoenix knows the Japanese guy supports the club.

The positive outcome will be in the Dominion Post soon.

Helping the Phoenix by signing the following petition would be much appreciated:

Click here

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