Yoshi on Jake Carlisle

As a St Kilda member, I am not happy with Jake Carlisle’s controversial alleged drug taking.

It was supposed to be a great day on Wednesday for the mighty Saints to welcome the 24-year-old defender, after the deal had been done with Essendon and Sydney Swans.

But the headline was turned into something negative, thanks to A Current Affair.

Feeling tired at work thanks to the 13-continuous working days between 7th and 19th and long hours, I got a short break and then checked my phone. My attention was on the Footy Show’s Facebook page with the ACA story about Carlisle.

I attempted to watch the video uploaded on their website, but tiredness and my guess of crap story stopped me from watching. Indeed my thought was the story was rubbish. Reading other people’s comments on Facebook, I realised that some people (Carlisle’s friends) sold the story to Channel 9.

As being exhausted on Wednesday night, I went to bed straight after I had had dinner that was unhealthy. Waking up on Thursday, I checked the social media (Facebook). Then I found someone told us about the Herald Sun story Carlisle apologising for what he has done.

Hating the trash journalism on the paper, luckily my friend the Age covered the similar story and went straight on realfooty.com.au.

My sadness comes from not only Carlisle’s behaviours but also St Kilda not being informed about it by anyone or noticing. I wonder why we picked this guy.

Through reading comments on social media, St Kilda supporters seem to tolerate even if they want him to grow up. To be honest I rather want the trade to be cancelled, but I have to accept that the mighty Saints have to see the positive path and taking the positive future path.

What I really want him to do now is to perform well on the footy field and indeed have no more trouble both on and off field.

As for media coverage, they have the right to cover stories but they have to be accurate. Sadly A Current Affair story was accurate; however I am unhappy with the program because they covered the story on the day Carlisle was traded to St Kilda and are alleged to pay money to a person who brought the story. Some people urge that it happened because of slow day for news. But why did not they cover positive stories? Did they want to be paid attention?

In my opinion, their rival Today Tonight has been off the air now, so A Current Affair can do what they want. I wish Today Tonight was still on air and lashed this rubbish journalism (how they brought the story even it was accurate).

On Thursday, I had late lunch at a Japanese fast food restaurant and was heard crap Japanese music. Indeed I tuned in to my friend the Run Home on SEN. They talked about Carlisle and when the listener called Mario was on, I got angry because he urged us that St Kilda went back to having bad culture.

Once again I am disappointed what he has done because the footy club tried to move on from negative events such as Stephen Milne’s alleged rape and the schoolgirl scandal and even we scrapped Mad Monday this year.

When I started following footy, I was not impressed with St Kilda due to schoolgirl incidents. But hearing about Anzac Day clashes in Wellington made me a loyal Sainter. I only thought that positive move would come at St Kilda. The news broke our positive move, maybe. But it was just at the wrong time.

Senior coach Alan Richardson introduced good programs for young blokes such as leadership camp in Canberra and high training camp in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Our skipper Nick Riewoldt has been leading boys well and keeps building loyal and strong culture at St Kilda. It is really hard time for us, but Mario’s comment hurt me. Luckly I was not only the one to be offended. I learnt that he just repeated commenting same things on other SEN shows.

Consequently he is suspended for four weeks to call SEN. Thanks Marko and the Ox for handling this issue well. One more time: I want media to report accurate news with reasonable angles.

Shame on Carlisle and Channel 9. But I only hope he is growing up and doing well for the Saints and want to see the positive future path for the mighty Saints.

By the way, on Thursday, I went to an ENT doctor and saw a young nurse wearing a pair of pretty socks. I complimented her it after the consultation was finished. But she seemed embarrassed and the female doctor teased her. I felt embarrassed too. Am I like Carlisle? Did I make a mistake?

Well, that is why I feel it is hard to get along well with Japanese ladies. I need to seek the positive future path on dating seeing towards western women?

About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Yoshi, I hear your grief. I think the lesson for Saints hierarchy is to avoid dealing with the bombers, first Andrew Lovett and now Carlisle. As for your dating advice, sorry can’t help but I remember something my coach always said, “Punt high and follow through”.

  2. Cat from the Country says

    Don’t ever feel embarrased for a sincere compliment.
    It is often the case that young women are not used to compliments so do not know how to react.
    Always be yourself and never put others down.
    Your soul mate will appear one day. Keep looking.

  3. Breaking News Yoshi – Footballer Does a Line of Coke on End of Season Trip. Do me a favour. The real story is that Essendon has stuck The Saints with another Project Player. I guess the take home message is learn to deal with it, and don’t trust anyone from Whingy Hill.

    And don’t trust the media to do you any favours. They’ll always frame any story to pander to their readership. Footballer Works With Lost Dogs’ Home on End of Season Trip isn’t what they’re looking for.

    Don’t worry, one day The Saints Will Come Marching Home. You’re on the right tram down there at Seaford.


    BTW, the issue with Western Women is not a cultural thing. Even Western men have trouble reading Western Women. Maybe next time you could say I love your socks. It may not work, but it’s worth a try.

  4. Sal Ciardulli says

    Great heart felt piece Yoshi!

    I also heard Mario go to air and whilst not a Saints fan I was infuriated with his comments. I don’t share your appreciation of Marco and The Ox though. Mario has been peddling the same drivel on their show for a long time now, they know the material he is going to put forward he should have been banned forever a long time ago. He will be back in four weeks and the hosts will think he is amusing – he is a waste of air time with no valuable input.

  5. Hi guys. Thanks for your comments!

    davep – We just had bad deals with the Bombers. I have a good mate who goes for the Bombers so don’t have negative image of Essendon. Just we picked the wrong players from them… And thanks for your tipping for dating.

    Cat – Thanks for encouraging me for giving ladies compliments. Sadly many Japanese women do not getbused to get compliments and then they are likely to be embarrassed. And thanks for your warm wishes.

    The Wrap – Carlisle shortened his holiday in the US and instead he will be attending programs. He has had big lessons for his life. Your advice is brilliant including for women. For me, it is easier to talk to western women rather than to Japanese counterparts. I admit that it’s hard for me to open mouth to talk to Japanese ladies including for compliment. One day it took months to give a compliment to a young lady but it was very hard to talk to her.

    Sal – I didn’t know how Mario had behaved on SEN (commented negatively so many times). Then he should face a life ban from the radio station like did the Freo supporter who punched the woman at Subiaco in September. Everyone has the right to express their opinions on SEN! No one should waste the precious time on the sport talk back radio.

    Then my response to the afl.com.au article for comments in regarding with drug suspension made by Grant Thomas and Chris Judd is here:

    I totally agree with Thomo that there should be zero-tolerance on taking illegal drugs. Juddy concerned about mental illness. I understand how people who face such issues feel. Even I have faced depression. But taking drugs should not be considered. Talking to a counsellor to seek the right path is what they need more, in my opinion. Actually I am seeing a counsellor to seek better solution due to negative thoughts, worries and frustrations. Having tough mental conditions should not be excused for taking drugs.

  6. G’day Glen,

    I don’t think so.

    On field, Fisher, Gilbert, Dempster, Dunstan, Salvage, and Goddard are available. Less chances for him, maybe only on the bench for interchange.

    Off field, not really because we are moving on from past off field issues. The Saints are focusing on be strong at footy field. That’s why Mad Monday has been dropped off.



  7. Yvette Wroby says

    Glen, I think Yoshi missed your line about lines, it’s a reference to sniffing cocaine. Uncalled for fellow almanacker. Yoshi, heartfelt and thoughtful piece. Thanks for sharing. Felt many of the same emotions. Whenever something crappy happens at the team, the fans wear it and we have no control whatsoever. One positive: he has to face Nick Riewoldt and the team and they are really angry. He is on notice from all of us.

    Be well


  8. Regarding the comments here, I think a few things have been lost in translation. [We also have repeat comments – not sure what is happening. – JTH]

  9. Hi Yvette and JTH,

    Thanks for your comments too.

    Yvette – Yes, we have no control on club’s decisions. I hope our leadership group gives tough lessons to Carlisle. I can imagine how St Kilda boys, coaches and staff members think about his naughty behaviours. Be well to you too!

    JTH- I’m sorry if my sentence(s) doesn’t make sense. Actually I don’t write or speak or read or listen to English sentences by translating from/to Japanese. English to English thinking is what I do (I use English dictionaries to loom up English words that I don’t familiar with).

    Have a good weekend to you all!


  10. Football Analyst says

    Yoshi, it’s very unfortunate for St Kilda that Jake Carlisle has not worked out in the long term for St Kilda.

    Up until the beginning of last year, I thought St Kilda had matchwinners in Billings, Gresham, Hill and of course, Jake Carlisle.

    For various reasons, Billings lost form, Gresham became injury prone, Hill didn’t fire (but his form has been very good the last few weeks, with his best game against Collingwood yesterday at the MCG) and Carlisle, who after a slow start to his career at St Kilda with a year long enforced suspension, was a very good centre half back at St Kilda who took a number of marks and read the play very well.

    Unfortunately, in recent years, back injuries have curtailed his career and St Kilda fans haven’t seen the very best of Jake Carlisle, whereas at Essendon, whenever he was moved to the forward line, he kicked goals consistently. I remember him kicking 7 goals in a match against St Kilda.

    I believe that St Kilda got 2 very good seasons out of Jake Carlisle, from 2017 to 2018. He was really the first free agent of note that St Kilda could get to fill the need of a centre half back. I know St Kilda had to give up a high draft pick, like with Brad Hill, to get him, but you need to take risks for a premiership starved club like St Kilda, if you want to achieve the ultimate success. There is no guarantee the picks St Kilda gave up for Carlisle and Hill would be playing great football for the Saints anyway. If I were St Kilda’s List Manager, I would still do the same thing over again with Carlisle and Hill, because matchwinners don’t grow on trees. That’s why I also think very highly of Simon Leathlean, St Kilda’s Football Manager, who goes out and takes risks to try to get the best available football talent for the club. They don’t all work out like Dan Hannebery, but I strongly believe, the majority do work out.

    It’s a shame that St Kilda look likely to sever ties with Carlisle at the end of the year, due to his year end back surgery and at age 29, he has become injury prone. Yoshi, hopefully St Kilda can find another genuine good centre half back with the ability of Jake Carlisle, at his peak, either outside or develop one from within. Dougal Howard is a full back and other good tall defenders in Callum Wilkie, Tom Highmore, Leo Connolly and Nick Coffield aren’t centre half backs yet, unless one of them eventually become one. Josh Battle was a good centre half back a few years ago when Carlisle was injured, but he’s no longer being played there and was dropped because he wasn’t performing well enough in the forward line, as well as team balance with Mason Wood doing well in the forward line. Battle was also no longer needed for the moment as a second ruckman.

    Jake Carlisle actually played good football as a second ruckman for St Kilda earlier this year, when Marshall and Ryder weren’t playing, but in the long run, St Kilda decided that he wasn’t going to make it as a pinch hit ruckman.

    St Kilda simply need better luck with less injuries to their best key position players, as they certainly have had bad fortune with Jake Carlisle and Paddy McCartin. It’s not the selections themselves but the misfortunes that occur that can’t be foreseen after the event. Andrew Lovett from Essendon, if he had worked out, could have delivered St Kilda’s 2nd flag in the 2010 Drawn Grand Final. It’s unfortunate for St Kilda that the club has been jinxed for many years and hopefully with a good Board now in place at St Kilda, the tide will turn, and Yoshi, St Kilda can deliver its second flag soon.

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