Finals Week 1 – Sydney v GWS: Devastated but Oh So Proud!

Jan Courtin is devastated (a powerful word) but proud of her mighty Swans who went down by a single point against GWS.

Round 23: A wonderful reminder that sport plays a vital role in many lives

In the wake of one of the most exciting rounds of the AFL in recent memory, Jan Courtin looks back on the comforting role footy has played for her in troubling times – with a bonus rundown of the (surprising for some!) Swans season so far.

Almanac Life: Not a care in the world!

The life of a swan on Albert Park Lake seems quite carefree compared to our rollercoaster lives at the moment thinks Jan Courtin.

Round 20 – Essendon v Sydney: You have to love these Bloods!

It was another classic encounter between the Swans and the Bombers but it was a smiling Jan Courtin at the end of the match as her Swans hung on to win by seven points.

Round 18 – GWS v Sydney Swans: Almost as triumphant as Beethoven’s Ninth!

The triumph of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony came to mind as Jan Courtin watched the Swans roll onto victory in their game against the Giants.

Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: South Melbourne! South Melbourne!

Jan Courtin is a very happy Swan after Sydney’s fantastic win wearing the old South Melbourne colours against ladder leader the Western Bulldogs in Round 17.

Round 16 – Sydney v West Coast: I’d like more of that, please!

Jan Courtin was reminded of the days when Sydney were South Melbourne by the small but vocal crowd in red and white. A sea of Swans fans makes for a rare event nowadays outside of NSW!

Almanac Life: The small things that really matter

To visit a favourite cafe for breakfast on a sunny day after the easing of covid restrictions brought great joy to Jan Courtin as she tells in her wonderful story.

Round 12 – Sydney v St Kilda: If Only!

It wasn’t the barnstorming performance Jan Courtin expected, but she was left relieved and satisfied once the final siren confirmed a nail-biting win for her Swans over the luckless Saints.

Almanac Life: Ten Things I Love

Responding to Kevin Densley’s things he hates, Jan Courtin has come up with a list of things she loves.

Round 11 – Sydney v Carlton: My Swans–addled brain

Jan Courtin is planning a novel approach to combatting her Swans-related nerves – in the meantime, at least the Blues were tamed!

Round 9 – Sydney v Collingwood: What is it about Collingwood?

Jan Courtin has had a chequered past with Collingwood, but no matter how she feels about the club as a whole, it’s always incredibly satifying to get the four points over them!

Round 7 – Sydney v Geelong: Oh, ye of little faith!

Jan Courtin watched, but couldn’t watch, her Swans as they tackled Geelong at the SCG. Somehow, in the end, she managed to see it through in a most peculiar way.

Round 5 – Sydney v Greater Western Sydney: Sport. Sport. Sport.

Jan Courtin is back the SCG for the first time since June 2019 to see her beloved Swans in action on their home ground. While Sydney didn’t get the win, another of her favourites, the Queensland Bulls, triumphed in the Sheffield Shield final.

Round 4 – Sydney v Essendon: Another of those heart stoppers!

Another cracker-jack game between the Swans and Bombers as a relieved Jan Courtin explains.

Round 3 – Richmond v Sydney: Bloody Amazing! We’ve just strangled Richmond!

Jan Courtin was not expecting her Swans to have a win against the Tigers but they did, and is she rapt!

Round 1 – Brisbane v Sydney: How to get the excitement juices flowing

Jan Courtin’s Swans pulled off a massive upset in Brisbane, she celebrated the new name Bloods from the heartland of old South Melbourne on Raglan Street.

Australia v India – Second Test: Simply being at the G is what has mattered!

Jan Courtin recounts the trials and tribulations of getting to the MCG, entering the ground, and happenings within the ground but she enjoyed being in the crowd for three days of the Boxing Day Test.

Round 15 – Sydney v Melbourne: Well, doesn’t that break your heart. No, mate, not my heart!

It was an unusual time for footy, but Jan Courtin quickly chose to follow her Swans as they upset the Demons. Off the back of some strange commentary, she rode the ups and downs of the young Sydney team.

Almanac Life: What is a gluten–free, organic, non–dairy, save–the–whale girl to do, on a cold Melbourne Saturday?

Jan Courtin slips away from the reality of a cold, wet winter’s day in Melbourne via her wonderful world wide memories of times past.