Round 12 – Sydney v GWS: If that’s what we can expect in the near future, I’ll be one very happy Jan!

Jan Courtin is a great believer in her beloved Swans, and against the odds they did not let her down smashing GWS for a big win in their Round 12 match.

Almanac Life: One of those Melbourne lockdown Saturdays

A day in lockdown quickly evolved into an emotional reflection on Jan Courtin’s parents. Whilst typing out some letters from years gone by, Jan discovered her family history, making the day worthwhile.

Almanac Life: Masked Melbourne and a Swans thought

During a pleasant walk by the Lake Oval on a beautiful Melbourne day Jan Courtin came across a decorated old tree inspiring her to pen a poem. Not such a pleasant day for her Swans though!

Round 8 – Sydney v Hawthorn: One of those Saturdays

Jan Courtin is restless. It’s the nature of her universe at the moment – and The Universe generally. She listens to music. And she watches her Swans. Both are uplifting.

Round 4 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Just a loss

Jan Courtin isn’t losing any sleep over the Swans loss to the Western Bulldogs. She explains her state of mind.

Round 3 – North v Sydney: A different type of excitement

With all the distractions 2020 has provided, Jan Courtin had been thinking her football passion has dissipated. It only took a close Sydney win to have her reconsidering.

Where is my smiling Shrek now?

The positivity that always permeates the thoughts of Jan Courtin has disappeared, hopefully only temporarily. Even Shrek has gone missing! Jan laments and despairs over the implications of the death of one man in the USA.

Jan Courtin’s Autograph Book: Some stellar Swans

Jan Courtin has dug out her old autograph book to share some famous names with Almanackers.

What are you Missing?

Jan Courtin has found many positives in this period of isolation. She describes them here and she wonders what others have enjoyed about this very different time. [Superb effort with the transcribing Jan – JTH]

A Smile

We’re with you Jan. A smile is a good thing.

All it takes is a smiling Shrek

Teddy bears, and chalk drawings on the footpath not only bring joy to children but also to senior citizens as Jan Courtin explains.

About time the inevitable happened!

Jan Courtin did manage to watch her Swans win and it did feel great…but in the larger scheme of things, she’s surprised we forged ahead as far as we did with footy in 2020.

The virus – What about the Players?

Jan Courtin raises a very valid point with regards to coronavirus and sport. What do you think?

ICC T20 Women’s World Cup: An assault on the auditory, but a delight to the visual

Jan Courtin may be more of a purist when it comes to the form of the game, but she witnessed some pure elation from the stands of the T20 Women’s World Cup. Here are her thoughts fresh from a visual feast and auditory cacophony at the ‘G.

Living in the moment – and I mean, the moment!

In this honest and frank offering, Almanac favourite Jan Courtin shares her challenging experiences loving and caring for her beloved Marshall who is struggling with dementia. (Raw and courageous writing at its best – Ed.)

Australia v New Zealand – Second Test, Day 2: How to (almost) ruin a day at the cricket

The cricket was excellent, but the performance of security at the Second Test at the MCG was heavy-handed, writes Jan Courtin.

Come on Queensland! Sheffield Shield cricket at its best.

Jan Courtin had a fabulous day at the cricket, marvelling at the exploits of the new, young, up and coming cricketers, the closeness and excitement of the match, and of course letting out her emotions in true style celebrating Queensland’s great win.

Cricket is now firmly on the agenda

Jan Courtin’s sporting allegiances can be complicated, but a sunny day at the Junction Oval, watching Aaron Finch blast the ball into the crowd, produced many delights. Even with the change of seasons, Jan can still spot a Swans connection.

Round 23 – Sydney v St Kilda: Love is in the air!

An emotional day for Jan Courtin with many tears shed by her and fellow Swans supporters as they farewelled some of Sydney’s favourite sons in their final game with a great win over the Saints in their Round 23 match at the SCG.

Round 20 – GWS v Sydney: Heartbreak, but pride aplenty.

The Swans put up a magnificent fight against the more-fancied GWS and were pretty unlucky to go down, but Jan Courtin was filled with pride by their performance. [Mark or free kick, take your pick – Ed]