Closing the Gap

  By Ged McMahon On face value, the red and black team seemed a little undersized. But at no point were they to be underestimated. They were the boys from Tiwi College and this was their home turf. Visiting their remote headquarters was the Narangba Valley Vipers, a bunch of Brisbane school kids about to [Read more]

First Game Denied

All dressed up and nowhere to go. I’m a much grottier and far less elegant embodiment of that well worn phrase. I can’t remember the date or even the year. I’m guessing mid-1980s and by the look of that dishevelled bunny on the wall behind me it must have been sometime after Easter. All I [Read more]

Battle of the Boofheads

The ninth annual Battle of the Boofheads will be played this Saturday. A contest of the fit and the unfit. The old and the young. The good and the not so good. It is a social footy match built around a brotherly rivalry. As the years go on it steadily builds momentum––and becomes less about the [Read more]

Unsaintly behaviour

By Ged McMahon The Match Review Panel copped it this week. Jack Trengove’s 3 match penalty for his tackle on Patrick Dangerfield triggered a very emotional response from many lovers of our game. A number of Demon’s players upset the AFL for critical comments they made on Twitter. I was equally upset about a different [Read more]

The beautiful game

By Ged McMahon Early in the week I scoffed when someone referred to soccer as “the beautiful game”. Soccer has just never grabbed me. My main beef is the constant diving and staging for free kicks. This is at severe odds to the “show no pain to the opposition” approach of Aussie Rules. Last weekend [Read more]

On borrowed time

By Ged McMahon Housesitting can be an odd experience. While it can be fun, there always seems to be a voice in your head telling you not to make yourself too comfortable––you don’t belong here. On Friday I started housesitting. The place is huge. The shower is about the size of my entire bathroom. On [Read more]

The Mighty Matadors

By Ged McMahon It has been a few years since my Fridays have been lazy enough to justify spending an hour fixing, pimping, bolstering and shuffling my Supercoach team. My debut season in 2007 was a steep learning curve. It wasn’t until about Round 7 that I discovered that you can actually substitute your players [Read more]

Book Review: Nine Lives

Title: Nine Lives (Football, cancer and getting on with life) Author: Adam Ramanauskas with Emma Quayle ( rrp $36.99) Publisher: Penguin Viking At the age of 25, and less than a month after marrying his childhood sweetheart, AFL footballer Adam Ramanauskas sat in his doctor’s office and was told that he had cancer. For the [Read more]

Why oh why?

By Ged McMahon Last Thursday I did something that I really shouldn’t have. I betrayed a long term intimate relationship. I broke the trust and went against everything I’ve ever believed in … I tipped against my beloved Bombers. I agonised over my decision for some time. I felt sick in the stomach and was [Read more]

Bloody Collingwood

By Ged McMahon I hate Collingwood. I have hated them for a long time. There are many reasons for this hatred but I think the best way to sum up my argument is to borrow a quote I heard from Dr Turf a few years ago … “I hate Collingwood so much that if they [Read more]

Pitch Invading

By Ged McMahon Last week, a pitch invading baseball fan was chased around in circles and tasered by security staff. It was grandly theatrical and I must admit that I found it highly amusing. Far more amusing than my own personal pitch invasion story. I can’t even remember the exact year, but I was very [Read more]

FANTASY: Tell him he’s dreaming

by Ged McMahon I had a dream last night. A sporting dream. I guess that’s nothing special for the average Australian male but this was a little different to my usual sporting dreams. You see, normally they become nightmares. They are tales of woe, so close yet so far, tales of embarrassment and complete humiliation. I [Read more]