Almanac Cricket – Crease, Wicket Leave, Safe etc. – What Was Yours?

Swish asked Twitter about a particular Bairstow-related backyard cricket rule. How would you have responded?

Christmas Day cricket

From ten years ago, Christmas 2012…

Luke Reynolds produced his finest pitch yet for his family’s annual Christmas Day hit, where the sole objective is to bat for as long as possible.

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: When I was G.S. Chappell and brother Joe was Geoff Dymock (updated with pics)

Dan Hoban grew up in Wallan and learnt to love cricket during the time of Greg Chappell. We’ve added some original photos to his piece.

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: When I was G.S. Chappell and brother Joe was Geoff Dymock

Those of a certain age will be reminded of their `80s childhoods by this Dan Hoban memoir. [Or should we say “young Danny Hoban” – Ed]

Almanac Backyards – Dad calls backyard cricket DRS trial a success

Mickey Randall writes about the joys of a game of backyard cricket with his boys, and in particular, the workings of the DRS.

Cricket memoir: Dips’ finest hour

There has been a number of posts on the site recently about backyard cricket, backyards, and early childhood memories. We reprise a cricket story from 2009 by Dips about his backyard cricketing exploits. Have you a story to tell?

Bring back the great Australian backyard!

Craig Dodson has a theory as to why Australian Cricket is stuffed. It all comes down to the death of the great Australian backyard. He asks us to hear him out.

Four seasons in the whites

Noel gives us the rundown of his memorable cricket career, which included multiple fielding trophies and plenty of laughs.

Cricket matters

With a Datsun Sunny named ‘Boony’ at short leg and once being dismissed by the Virgin Mary, Ged McMahon reflects on the current cricketing crisis in the context of his own backyard of dreams

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: Queensland conditions

The Bank Road Christmas Test did not disappoint. J.J. Leahy gives his analysis which includes a recognition of the man of the match – a large python. “Its sighting,” writes JJ, “attracted the attention of some of the neighbours who gathered under the poinciana tree on the front footpath to share a pitcher of Pimms, and observe the serpent.” [Photos included – Ed]

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: Family Tradition

The great cricket tradition of the Clarks, Cowells and Wests continues as Jayden West of Whitefriars’ College reports.

Almanac (backyard) cricket: Tense struggle settled by memorable super-over.

A monumental cricket match is played at the Rennison Dome as Bluey Rennison reports from the Whitefriars’ studio.

There Was a Time When Summer Was Different

‘Tis the season to be reflective. Dips O’Donnell remembers those lazy, hazy, crazy days of 70’s summers in Greensborough and surrounds. And Leanne Yumana. (No mention of soda, pretzels, beer or climate change)

Backyard cricket taken seriously

Rob McLean (of Wicket to Wicket) reports on some classic backyard cricket.

Crio’s Question: Christmas sports moments

What sporting gifts and moments can you equate with December 25?

Second Test – Day 2: Imagine Smith in a baggy green!

Watching Graeme Smith compile run after run, Smokie Dawson began to wish he was Australian.

Cricket: the post-Christmas lunch form of the game.

It is heading towards midnight here in Brisbane. The kids have carefully laid out Santa’s smoko in front of the fireplace; it seems Santa prefers mince pies and water served in a Dora the Explorer cup. We have been to the Christmas Eve service at St Andrews on Wickham St in the city where we [Read more]