Old woollen footy jumpers: Dick McGillivray in a ridgy didge Essendon premiership jumper

Dick McGillivray wore his fair dinkum Essendon premiership jumper around the farm, as his daughter Pamela explains.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Adelaide University (The Blacks): Swish Schwerdt

Swish Schwerdt tells the story of becoming an Adelaide Uni Black, and of the jumper he wore for eight memorable seasons. [Yes, Swish, once a Black always a Black – Ed]

Ultimate Wool Team – Riverina: Ross Wells has crossed the river

Ross Wells continues to stake his claim for a spot in the Ultimate Wool Team for Riverina.

The Story of a Cat

Footy is about many things. For many it is about family. As Dips O’Donnell goes to watch his Cats this weekend he reminisces how he became a Cats supporter and the intriguing story behind it.

Country footy: Leitchville-Gunbower put on a premiership reunion weekend

The Leitchville-Gunbower Football Netball Club reunion went off with a bang. The footy team knocked over Elmore, the lamb was cooked perfectly, the jumpers were auctioned, the piano accordion came out, a sheep was sheared and many stories were told. All in all a great weekend.

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers: The Many Jumpers of Keiran

Swans supporter Keiran Croker takes us through the woollen footy jumpers he has worn, from the Melbourne Demons jumper his Mum bought him (easier to keep clean than a mainly white South Melbourne jumper) to a recently purchased old style South Melbourne version. That may contain red wine stains.

Shearing Shed Days

The craziness and chaos of sheep kept Pam Sherpa on her toes when she was a kid. [Nice memoir – Ed]

Old Woollen Footy Jumper: Can you identify this mystery jumper and its owner?

A little challenge for the Almanackers – Identify this woollen footy jumper and who its owner might be.

You Just Can’t Beat a Wool Footy Jumper

The wool footy jumper is about to make a comeback, reports Craig Dodson, who can’t wait to add a new one to his Sydney Swans/Brad Seymour model from the 1980s.

Wool and Footy: Remembering the blue and gold

The memory of Toolibin Football Club lives on. Here Syd Martin, Heidi Astbury and Janice Sieber tell the tale of the unveiling of Geoff Sims sculpture at the old Toolibin footy ground in the sheep-wheat belt of WA.

Greatest footballers to be associated with the wool industry (where was this all up to, March 2015?)

During last year we featured a series on old woollen footy jumpers and called for nominations for the very best team of footballers to have had an association with wool. We’re about to refine the process. We need more noms right now. And to help make sure we get all the best names I am heading to the Wool BBQ at Burra next Monday night. Details are in this article.

Jenkin Footy Boots

Neil Anderson responds to Brett’s comment on first footy boots with some memories of the Jenkins.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: An early photo of KB the Bulldogs fan

Well that’s three things I didn’t know. Thanks to Neil Anderson for telling us (1) that KB barracked for Footscray when he was a kid (2) that KB went to Hawksburn Primary and (3) he’s hardly changed a bit. Ripper photo.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: You grow into it

“It is clear to all in the cubicle that I intend to wear this jumper home. I intend to wear it until it wears out. This is my team, my home town and so the adults talk about something and somehow we get home with me still inside the garment,” writes Ross Mueller of this fine jumper now passed on to his son Henry.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers – Stephen Alomes, Rainbow warrior

Football chronicler Stephen Alomes recalls a rare high mark and his old TUFC jumper.

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers: South Purrumbete FC

Luke Reynolds played for South Purrumbete which had a distinctive black and green jumper before the club folded.

New (woollen) footy jumpers: Coleraine leading the world again

Old Mate Bill Bailey bobs up as Coleraine lead the world again.

Old (woollen ) footy jumpers – the lost letters of Charlie Moore

In its heyday Charlie Moore’s Preston Rovers jumper would have sported proud white lettering. Alas, the fabric and the fibre have fallen by the wayside.

Is this all the woollen footy jumpers in the world?

Rod Oaten has come clean and revealed the identities of all the teams in his Old Woollen Footy Jumpers collage (sort of like the Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover? – Ed.)

Old (woollen) footy jumpers – Plenty Rovers Under 17s 1963

Wayde Petersen shares memories and pix of his father and the Plenty Rovers (now Mernda) footy club. Saturday is Mernda’s last game at the old Schotter Street ground before moving to new facilities next season. Wayde would like plenty of people to come down for the farewell.