State of the game – The 2018 Redtails Cup

Earl O’Neill’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion to reduce pressure and congestion – inspired in part by the Redtails’ performance in Alice Springs

Confessions of a Maggot

Rulebook has been a footy umpire for over 30 years. Here he shares some of the lighter moments from more than a thousand games of whistle blowing.

The Earlybird

A tale of a frosty winter’s morning in the Independent State of Watsonia North, trekking through ice [and almost snow – Ed] culminating in a song of victory. Ged McMahon’s love of the game is beyond question.

What will my memory be like in 10 years’ time?

I am one of those amateur football players who has been concussed on numerous occasions. What is my likelihood of ending up with a degenerative brain disease because of what occurred whilst I played football?