Old woollen footy jumpers: Dick McGillivray in a ridgy didge Essendon premiership jumper

Dick McGillivray wore his fair dinkum Essendon premiership jumper around the farm, as his daughter Pamela explains.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Adelaide University (The Blacks): Swish Schwerdt

Swish Schwerdt tells the story of becoming an Adelaide Uni Black, and of the jumper he wore for eight memorable seasons. [Yes, Swish, once a Black always a Black – Ed]

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers: The Many Jumpers of Keiran

Swans supporter Keiran Croker takes us through the woollen footy jumpers he has worn, from the Melbourne Demons jumper his Mum bought him (easier to keep clean than a mainly white South Melbourne jumper) to a recently purchased old style South Melbourne version. That may contain red wine stains.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: An early photo of KB the Bulldogs fan

Well that’s three things I didn’t know. Thanks to Neil Anderson for telling us (1) that KB barracked for Footscray when he was a kid (2) that KB went to Hawksburn Primary and (3) he’s hardly changed a bit. Ripper photo.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: You grow into it

“It is clear to all in the cubicle that I intend to wear this jumper home. I intend to wear it until it wears out. This is my team, my home town and so the adults talk about something and somehow we get home with me still inside the garment,” writes Ross Mueller of this fine jumper now passed on to his son Henry.

Is this all the woollen footy jumpers in the world?

Rod Oaten has come clean and revealed the identities of all the teams in his Old Woollen Footy Jumpers collage (sort of like the Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover? – Ed.)

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: Warrnambool Technical School 1928 (Premiers)

Neil Anderson has sent in a photo of his father’s premiership side – from 1928. [Classic – Ed]

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Blackburn High School, 1966

Sasha Lennon uncovers a photo of Blackburn High’s 1966 team featuring long-time Almanac supporter Roger Gibbins.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Battlescars and Wonderful Wanganeen

An old woollen footy jumper, battle-scarred, takes Ged McMahon back to great days of Windy Hill, the MCG, and G. Wanganeen.

The beauty and function of wool (in footy jumpers, blankets and beards)

Clint Rule still wears his old footy jumper as a barrier against the Adelaide cold, to differentiate himself from Gen Y, and because he’s a tight-arse.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Gerry (The Torp) Both: Adelaide Uni Blacks. A Blast from the Past

Gerry ‘The Torp’ Both finds his old Blacks jump and recalls the stories of (many) players and teams, premierships and defeats, aching tragedy and great joy. [Great stuff – Ed]

My first (woollen) Richmond Jumper

Nick Stafford still fits his footy jumper. [Love this celebration of everyday Australian life, returning to that which formed us – Ed]

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers – Studfield Hawks Junior FC: Sasha Lennon

Where is Studfield? And which of these young champions is Sasha Lennon?