Riverina Wool Team Inspires Selection of NSW Greatest Team

Rod Gillett has been involved in the selection of the NSW Greatest Team of All Time. It was announced today (May 9, 2019) in Sydney. Take a look!

Ultimate Wool Teams: Vic, Riverina, WA and SA

In this week’s Footy Record a (provisional) National Wool Team will be announced. It’s picked from these four regional squads.

Old woollen footy jumpers: Dick McGillivray in a ridgy didge Essendon premiership jumper

Dick McGillivray wore his fair dinkum Essendon premiership jumper around the farm, as his daughter Pamela explains.

Grand Final 2016: The Jumper – A photo essay

Edward was on hand at Whitten Oval and captured the diverse range of jumpers, a time lapse of Bulldog history.

SA Ultimate Wool Team – In: Bernie Vince

We’ve found a late inclusion to the South Australian Ultimate Wool Team. See what you think of this evidence.

Round 4 – Essendon v Geelong: The Country Game Preview

Round 4 is the Country Round. Peter Clark looks at the connection between the game and the bush with a spotlight on those Geelong and Essendon players who have come from the country (some of whom are in the Wool Teams). Peter asks you to remember great matches between these two clubs and for the names of players who wore both jumpers.

Ultimate Victorian Wool Team – Shane Heard: The farm lad who developed tagging

Nick Weidmann profiles Victorian sheep farmer Shane Heard who was recruited to Essendon and became one of Kevin Sheedy’s favourites. [Interesting footy and sheep detail Nick – Ed]

Ultimate Wool Team – Joe Darling: Norwood footballer, Australian cricket captain, wool-grower, paliamentarian, family man (and nude wrestler).

Joe Darling is in the squad of South Australian wool team. He was a leader in many fields, especially cricket (he was Australian captain) and the wool industry in Tasmania.

But he was also a fine footballer and a nude wrestler.

Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia: Getting close to finalising the SA team

In the mid-North of South Australia, a few very keen wool blokes have been getting together at local footy matches and have had a real crack at picking the South Australian Wool Team. (They’ve actually picked two teams – they need a coach and a manager for the seconds.) See what you think, and argue he case for a player from the Twos or a new nomination. [The South Aussie side is pretty well settled – Ed]

Ultimate Wool Team – Riverina: Ross Wells has crossed the river

Ross Wells continues to stake his claim for a spot in the Ultimate Wool Team for Riverina.

Ultimate Wool Team – Victoria: Brian ‘Moo’ Muir

Brian Muir was a wool classer, analyst and later a manager at Dalgety’s. He played at St Kilda, coached the Under 19s and has been a club stalwart for over half a century. He spoke to JTH yesterday. [A worthy nom for the Vic side – Ed]

Ultimate Wool Team: Western Australia

Here’s the WA team based on nominations that have come in this season, and earlier. Please argue for changes (as the South Australians have been doing). And add any further nominations. There’s quite a few nominations of footballers who MAY have an association with wool. If you can shed any light on these please do by adding a comment.

Pretty good side I’d have to say!

Shear, sheared, shore, shorn


Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia

We’ve pored over the nominations and come up with this: the best side to have an association with the wool industry in South Australia. This is a seriously strong side but feel free to nominate other names, or argue the case for the promotion of someone from the long interchange list. [Might need to check the bonafides of some of them – Ed]

Ultimate Wool Team: Riverina

This is a strong side, but a rather top-heavy side. So many big blokes! Add your nominations. And did the Carrolls come from a sheep-wheat background? Might have to add a few of them?

Ultimate Wool Team: Victoria

A provisional Victorian wool team has been chosen. Thoughts? Make your case for someone who has been left out. New noms also welcome. [A lot of Geelong blokes – Ed]

Hansard – House of Representatives: The Member for Wannon’s reference to The Footy Almanac

Yesterday, Dan Tehan, the Member for Wannon, named The Footy Almanac in federal parliament. We are in Hansard!

Country footy: Leitchville-Gunbower put on a premiership reunion weekend

The Leitchville-Gunbower Football Netball Club reunion went off with a bang. The footy team knocked over Elmore, the lamb was cooked perfectly, the jumpers were auctioned, the piano accordion came out, a sheep was sheared and many stories were told. All in all a great weekend.

Wool Team – John Harms on ABC South Australia’s Country Hour

John Harms recently spoke about the Almanac’s Wool Team with Brooke Neindorf on ABC South Australia’s Country Hour program.

Wool and footy in Burra: more noms for the SA team

John Harms has been to a wool sundowner at Burra in South Australia, where he met the local wool fraternity (nice hands). He gathered some new nominations for the South Australian team.