That Day

A meditation and a painting from Kate Birrell. On that homeward trudge following a finals loss. For the Richmond in all of us. [Brilliant – Ed].

Fearless 2015; Finals Weeks 1 & 2: Sam, Snezana & Lana – it’s all too much!

Fearless reckons Brad Scott got it right in Round 23 (“Regardless of how the Roos go against the Eagles, Scott’s policy has been proven to be smart”). And he sums up AFL Finals Weeks 1 and 2.

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: The Tigers of old – for the vanquished

Matt Watson enjoyed North’s win over the Tigers, but with close family ties to Richmond, he was more than able to empathise with the LSPRF (The Long Suffering Punt Rd Faithful – to borrow from The Wrap).

Reflections On Another Wasted Year

Dr Cruel is maintaining the faith. Sarah Black’s tried but can’t hate the Tigers (not even a little), while Paddy Grindlay just sees another wasted year…

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Kerrie Soraghan reaches into her reserves of “defensive pessimism” as she reflects on the ending to the Bulldogs’ 2015 campaign. Resilience and hope.

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: The raw of the Tigers

A model of empathy, Tim Pegler personifies the maxim that ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ as North play their role in breaking the hearts of the Tiger army in yet another Elimination final.

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Hawthorn: Some things are more important than footy

An important piece of reflective beauty from Matt Quartermaine.

Richmond, you breaks my heart, but I still love you

DrCruel73 is down but not out, in this open letter to Old Tiger.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Dog Day Evening

Dips knows “football as it should be played” when he sees it. It’s a game that sparks spontaneous eruptions of noise. It’s a game that crackles with the possibilities of David Campese, of Keyser Söze, of Dirk Diggler, of Mohammed Ali…

Finals Week 1 – The Wrap

The weekend’s footy isn’t truly over until The Wrap weighs in…

Finals Week 1 – Fremantle v Sydney: Eat Sleep Footy Repeat (Junior Almanac)

At Subi, 13-year-old Josh Coales’ Grandad is in good voice. And when Sydney’s Sam Reid goes down, “Dad claims he knows what it feels like to do his hammy as an ‘elite’ athlete. Being the best runner for Christ Church Grammar in 1993 doesn’t count as elite. Sorry Dad…” [Great stuff – Ed].

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Worth the Waite

Josh Barnstable heads nervously along to the G with a group all making their finals debut. The train is packed. The lunch won’t go down. “Our seats are perfect…”

Citrus Bob’s Football Dictionary

New styles of football on display, new hope brimming in hearts. Citrus Bob Utber recognises the time for some new vocabulary, stemming from AFL finals week 1.

Finals Week 1 – Fremantle v Sydney: We’re Still Dancing

What do the Sydney Swans, Ren McCormack, Beaumont and Fremantle have in common? Joe Moore explains.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Would Marsh and Lillee Have Backed That?

Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood is back with his analysis of his beloved Crows win over the Western Bulldogs in the thrilling final at the ‘G. Who robbed the train Eddie? (one of Rulebook’s very best lines)

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: The Army Reflects

Silver Bullet can string together a sentence or two on the basis of this sharp and entertaining Almanac debut. As sad as it all is for Tiges around the world. But Silver pretty much tells it like it is.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows: Disco-Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes

Leadership isn’t necessarily about the big mark, the inspirational goal or a swag of possessions. Taylor Walker’s ‘unfussy beauty’ and selflessness is to be equally admired says Mickey Randall.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Mocking Birds

With his Bulldogs out of the 2015 premiership hunt at the hands of an old nemesis, Neil Anderson finds solace in the wisdom of Atticus Finch after the final siren. “They can shoot all the blue-jays they want but remember it is a sin to kill a mocking-bird…”

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows: Respect is earned, not just given

If you ever need to illustrate the difference between home and away footy versus finals footy, sit someone down with a tape of this game. Outside of a Grand Final, It doesn’t get much faster and hotter than this one did on Saturday night. The Bulldogs are left to wonder what might have been after not being able to convert, while the Crows continue to achieve well beyond what few considered possible after that Friday morning in July.