Almanac Music: ‘Moooooo!’ – Songs Containing Cowbell

This week’s themed music piece from KD involves songs containing the cowbell – in some instances, you’ll be surprised! As usual, contributions from readers are warmly welcomed.

Almanac Music: You Go To My Head – Songs Involving the Mind

This week’s music piece from KD concerns songs involving the mind as a central aspect. As usual, readers’ choices and comments are warmly encouraged.

Almanac Music: Songs about Roads

This week’s music piece from KD concerns songs that mention roads in the title, whether they be specifically highways, streets, avenues, boulevards, esplanades or similar infrastructure.

Almanac Music: ‘Road To Nowhere’ – David Byrne

Watching David Byrne on a FaceBook clip solved a long time musical puzzle for Col as he explains.

Almanac Music: Welcome to the Working Week

Workshy Swish had the day off. His idle hands have produced this playlist that draws parallels with his forty-odd years in the workforce.