Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song – another take

In response to Kevin Densley’s call to find Australia’s best song, KN Dole offers his suggestion for the best song for these Covid times.

Almanac Fashion: A Bit Shirty

As that little known David Bowie/Graham Parker duet goes, “Fashion Is No Ordinary Word”. In Swish’s case, very ordinary. What’s in your t-shirt collection? And why is it still there at all?

When the sun sets over Carlton: Moments in Melbourne

Mickey Randall’s Tales of the City. Tales of a winter Melbourne adventure of people, books, music, people, wine, footy, food and people.

Ripper ’76

Mickey lets rip with thoughts about a favourite album.

Almanac Memories: When the sun sets over Carlton.

San Diego Catter remembers a time when daggy was cool, when Skyhooks ruled and Joe Camilleri slayed them at Martini’s.

Almanac Music: Skyhooks and me

Mickey’s ode to Skyhooks and the memories relived.

Almanac Music: The Selection Panel – Iron Maiden: Di’Anno or Dickinson

Another musical selection dilemma presented to the committee for consideration. Today, we look at Iron Maiden and their brilliant vocalists, Bruce Dickinson and Paul Di’Anno.