1999 – (not quite) All Australian SSA Team – Some Big Names, Some Notable Absences

Another ripper find from Swish Schwerdt: the 1999 School Sports Australia All-Australian football team. Some great names. Who is the grandson of John Coleman? Is there a ministerial advisor among them? The normal where-are-they-now assistance please.
(Reposting on the day that one of these kids, Nick Dal Santo, confirms his retirement)

2002 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – All Bound for Mornington

Cloke. T, Swallow. A and Deledio. B together in the same team would be a pretty awesome combination, and one that would have 17 other list managers green with envy. In the latest Almost All-Australian Team ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the 2002 All-Australian Schoolboys side.

2001 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – A HAL of a Side

For those you who may have forgotten what Jordan Lewis looks like without the trademark three-day growth…

1998 – (the excluding WA, SA, Tas) All-Australian SSA Team – Humble Beginnings

More All-Australian Juniors brilliance from the Swishter. The 1998 All-Australian (less W.A, S.A and Tasmania) SSA line-up. Spot the future VISY Ambassador in all his hirsute glory.

2000 – (still not quite) All Australian SSA Team – Who Are The Mystery Boys?

Continuing his look at the travails of Aussie rules’ elite juniors of the past, Swish presents the 2000 SSA All-Australian line-up. Three obvious standouts in this line-up, but few who went on to make their mark at the elite level. Where are they now?