Round 19 GWS v St Kilda : Yet another footy odyssey with too many losses in a row but great people shine some light and warmth.

Yvette Wroby has a weekend of footy losses and at least some diversions. A weekend in Creswick was a good relief from football. There’s always next week.

Round 18: Sal’s thoughts and choices from monsoonal Hanoi.

From monsoonal Hanoi, Sal presents his thoughts and choices for this round of footy.

Round 7 thoughts and predictions from Sal

Can’t decide who to pick in the footy this weekend? Sal’s thoughts and predictions for Round 7 might help.

Almanac Teams: The Greatest Number 3s

Phil Dimitriadis returns to proper footy teams. What do you think of his team of 3s?

Grand Final Preview: This Richmond Life

Michael Allan penned this response to the Preliminary Final win. It makes interesting reading given what has transpired! [Sorry for getting this up a little late Michael – JTH]

Finals Week 1 – Six (Talking) Points

Swish goes all SFT (Serious Footy Talk) with some serious (and not so serious) talking points from the first weekend of finals.

Round 1 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Barking for Cloke

To boo, or not to boo, that is the question!

Round 19 – GWS v Richmond: The final insult

Paddy Grindlay begins reading “Finding Jack Dyer” but he’s nowhere to be found in Canberra

Round 4 – West Coast v Richmond: Oh for a weekend away!

The Tiges are supposed to go alright at Subiaco. But, after this thrashing, John Green is contemplating a weekend break. New Zealand anyone?

Red, white and black to the core, but a lusty Dusty I can’t ignore

Jen Muirden’s ode to Dusty, from her second favourite team.

Round 19 – Adelaide v Richmond: I wasn’t there, officer

John Green recalls his last trip to Adelaide and is very glad he didn’t go this time as his Tiges have a shocker.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: From Bachar’s Brain Fade to Brilliance

Every footy fan knows it and dreads it happening: the match where your team isn’t ‘on’. Jeremy Hill spotted it on Friday night, the Tigers saw it too, and took full toll on the flag faves.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Lids lights up the G as the Tiges defy the odds and defeat the reigning Premiers

Moved to song, Jennifer Muirden pays tribute to Brett Delidio.

Round 16 – St Kilda v Richmond: Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision and Love

Every St Kilda game is special to Yvette Wroby, but Sunday’s clash against the Tigers occupies a special place in her heart.

Round 13 – Fearless 2015: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Pies and Tigers earn it this week.

As we turn our attention back to a full suite of games for round 14, Fearless sets you up with his ‘what-you-need-to-know’ from round 13

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: Football in Australia. 100 years on.

Chris Daley is given cause to reflect on the changes in footy over the century, as he celebrates his great Aunt’s 100th birthday. If she’s a Tiger fan, it will have been a very good weekend indeed.

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: Just A Little Bit Of Sledging

With the last vestiges of the Cricket World Cup fading, John Green and son head to the nosebleed section of the MCG as their Tigers start 2015 on the winners list.

Yin and Yang

Sarah Black mourns the departure of Jake King and Dan Jackson from the Tigers’ playing group. Players can be replaced, individuals – and what they bring to a team – is a different matter.

2002 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – All Bound for Mornington

Cloke. T, Swallow. A and Deledio. B together in the same team would be a pretty awesome combination, and one that would have 17 other list managers green with envy. In the latest Almost All-Australian Team ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the 2002 All-Australian Schoolboys side.

AFL Round 19 – Richmond v GWS Giants: Fifty shades of Greige (Lights, Conca, Action!)

You’ve got to worry when the most memorable events of a game don’t involve kicking the ball, taking a mark, or a decent bit of play. Sean Curtain tolerates a 27 point Tiger win.