Round 3 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Only Staying Positive is the Key for Footy

Yoshi faces challenges in his support for his beloved Saints as they hit a road bump in Fremantle. Life generally is also a challenge but he must keep strong in both cases.

Round 23- Sal’s preview: And now the end is near….

The curtain is about to fall on the last round of the Home and Away season as Sal presents his thoughts for the upcoming games.

Round 22- Richmond v Essendon: If, if, if!

Col hopes the law of averages fall into place for Essendon in their game against Richmond at the MCG on Friday night.

Round 12 – Essendon v Hawthorn: It was a dark and stormy night … but mainly for Essendon

Did Snoopy ever finish that novel? Well, the Hawks certainly finished off the Bombers on a dark and stormy night

Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: A hiding to nothing

J Dowsing spots similarities in the approaches of Mason Cox, the Collingwood mid-field and a young fella on the South Morang line train. The old KISS method.

2000 – (still not quite) All Australian SSA Team – Who Are The Mystery Boys?

Continuing his look at the travails of Aussie rules’ elite juniors of the past, Swish presents the 2000 SSA All-Australian line-up. Three obvious standouts in this line-up, but few who went on to make their mark at the elite level. Where are they now?

AFL Round 1 – Gold Coast v St.Kilda: My mother warned me not to stare into the Suns

Saints fan Yvette Wroby has drawn the conclusion that St.Kilda is the Lleyton Hewitt of the league.

Great Expectations – The AFL draft is just a lottery

The intense media coverage of 17 year old kids drafted by AFL clubs is ridiculous and unfair, says Simon Dobbie. Many won’t have the maturity, determination and dedication needed to be a successful AFL footballer.

Loose men everywhere

My uncle Bob uttered these words after North Melbourne kicked two quick goals at the Docklands last night and declared their intent; they were there to win.  That’s what it felt like, that in a moment, North possessed the ball, the ground, the universe and the Saints boys were left chasing. Fatigued and aging and [Read more]