Boost and Unleash Talents with Positive Thinking

Yoshi sees similarities between Chazz Palminteri’s quote about wasted talent and his early days as a railway electrician, before he began chasing his dream of becoming a journalist. [Go for it Yoshi – Paddy]

Round 22 – Essendon v Western Bulldogs: Thank You Mr. Cooney

Well done Coons! Alex fondly farewells a well-loved champion.

Essendon 2015 List Review- Part 2 Midfielders/ Ruckmen

After looking at Essendon’s defence in part one of his Essendon season review, Nick Weidmann casts an analytical eye over the Bombers on-ball brigade in part two. What will the Dons in-coming coach have to work with?

2001 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – A HAL of a Side

For those you who may have forgotten what Jordan Lewis looks like without the trademark three-day growth…

Stanton and Vultures

“The trick is turn turn chaos into something crisp,” says Brent Stanton to Old Dog and the Vultures at a memorable training night. [Not a lot of love for the Bombers and Brent Stanton at the moment, but this may redress the balance a little – Ed]