Almanac Flashback – #putoutyourbats

Edward P Olsen reprises his thoughts about the tragedy of Phillip Hughes on the fifth anniversary of his death.

The Ashes 2019 – Second Test, Lord’s: Life (and Death)

Jofra Archer’s vicious bouncer that struck Steve Smith has produced a great deal of comment. Bernard Whimpress presents his thoughts about the act that has livened up the Ashes Series.

Almanac Teams: An innings cut short

In a thoughtful response to an earlier Phil Dimitriadis piece, Glen! compiles a team of cricketers who had their careers cut short by tragedy or misfortune.

Almanac Cricket: No one should have expected the Hughes inquisition

In the ongoing pursuit for truth, justice and the Australian cricketing way, Jeff Dowsing doubts the Hughes’ coronial inquest will lead us to a better place.

Almanac Cricket: Phil Hughes inquest and side-on batting

Former Australian and Queensland opening bowler, Tony Dell, explains that the legacy of Phil Hughes’ tragic death can be to show batsmen the importance of good (side-on) technique.

Crio’s Q? – What to expect from a Captain

A captain’s game. A captain’s knock. Rhetoric or reality? What is it and how does it alter across the sporting landscape?

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Playlist

E.regnans turns to music and video to describe Day 1, SCG, Scenes 1-5.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Test cricket with an ocean view!

Summer traditions blend by the ocean for Jill Scanlon as she combines her love of the beach and her love of cricket.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day One: The Emotion of Cricket

All of the emotions were on display on Day 1, writes Jill Scanlon. What’s your view on nightwatchmen?

The Changed Face of Cricket and the Wisdom of Insecurity

As the First Test between Australian and India gets set to start, Anthony James ponders the ramifications of Phil Hughes’ death on the future of the game.

Should Michael Clarke be playing in the First Test?

Andrew Starkie wonders about the readiness of MJ Clarke’s body and mind ahead of the Adelaide Test. Whatever happened to selection policy? Should rules be bent to accommodate circumstance?

The Day Before Phillip Hughes Walked Out to Bat for the Last Time

Anthony Thomas shares his deeply moving account of the passing of Phil Hughes and then his own father.

Eleven White Clothed Angels

More reflections on Phil Hughes: A life and a career which ended far too soon. By Mick Alldis (with thanks to Malcolm Ashwood)

I’ll Mow the Pitch, You Shine the Cherry

Joe Moore’s touching homage to Phil Hughes and the spirit of cricket in Australia

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 2)

BJ has Stan cast his eyes over the week just gone. “What does it all mean, Stan?”

Sport, Team and Memory

In thinking about the tragic death of Phil Hughes, Brutas Mudcake reminds us of the significance of sport, team and memory.

Phil Hughes

Callum O’Connor on how Phil Hughes’ tragic death has impacted the local cricketer.

Shock losses never leave us

Jeff Dowsing on the passing of Phillip Hughes and death in sport.

A Cricketing Life.

Gregor Lewis on the passing of Phil Hughes

Inside the closed head injury

The serious head injury to cricketer Phil Hughes has shocked everyone and sparked a range of responses. David Wilson has previously shared his experience with serious head injury in a car accident (he counts his recovery as the “luckiest of the lucky”) and offers some personal, clinical and philosophical insights into the journey.