Almanac Book Review: John Althorp’s ‘Yee-Oh! A South Adelaide FC Scrapbook’ by Bernard Whimpress

Bernard Whimpress reviews a recent bespoke project for South Adelaide diehards by John Althorp, but notes its value for a wider audience – not least in an element of fun it brings to the halls of sports history.

Almanac Books: Bernard Whimpress talks about Wisden

Bernard Whimpress will next be speaking in the Books In My Life series on 6th July. His subject book will be Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. Details within.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: From the committee lounge

Bernard Whimpress had a jolly good day at the cricket with some luminaries of South Australian sport.

Almanac Cricket: Blue sky cricket thinking

Bernard Whimpress isn’t a big fan of some of the ‘blue sky thinking’ that surrounds the Australian test squad.

Almanac (Cricket) Books: ‘George Giffen – A Biography’ extract

Bernard Whimpress has provided an excerpt from his newest book,’Beorge Giffen: A Biography’

Sports Archaeology: A sub-discipline waiting to happen?

A visit to the old decaying Monarto cricket ground had Bernard Whimpress wondering whether there is a place for a new discipline in archaeology: Sports Archaeology. [There must be a book there! – Ed]

Memoir: And how much cricket did you play?

When asked if he had played much cricket, Bernard Whimpress would normally reply, ‘not a lot.’ But as Bernard is an author, historian and former curator of the Adelaide Oval Museum, that wasn’t really the whole story.

Creeping Anzacism

Bernard Whimpress’s book on Australian cricket captain Joe Darling has just been released. It’s timely to return to an essay written by Bernard which offers his thoughts on the influence of the ANZAC phenomenon. [This paper was first published here in 2012 – Ed]

Match: South Australia v New South Wales 16-21 December 1927 by Bernard Whimpress

A new cricket book by Bernard Whimpress about a significant Sheffield Shield match in 1927 involving Don Bradman’s first class debut has just been released and is sure to be of great interest to all cricket aficionados. Check out the book details here.

The Ashes 2019 – Fourth Test, Day 4: A Question of Balance: On Bradman and Smith.

Historian and writer Bernard Whimpress can only take so much Steve Smith. He explains why.

The Ashes 2019 – Second Test, Lord’s: Life (and Death)

Jofra Archer’s vicious bouncer that struck Steve Smith has produced a great deal of comment. Bernard Whimpress presents his thoughts about the act that has livened up the Ashes Series.

The Ashes 2019: Could Morgan be a Brearley?

Bernard Whimpress predicted this, or at least thought about it. He was reminded of 1989. He has some observations of a fascinating Test and some suggestions for England else they may well be doomed to a 4-0 drubbing.

Almanac Footy Poetry: “A Footy Crowd” by Bernard Whimpress

Bernard Whimpress sums it up perfectly: this is the way it should be and not what’s served up, for the diehard footy supporter, and their day at the footy, as one of the crowd.

Almanac Book Reviews: Fabulous Phil (Matt Watson)

Bernard Whimpress has recently reviewed Matt Watson’s Fabulous Phil for The Newtown Review of Books.

Footy exhibition is a winner

Bernard Whimpress pays a visit to a pair of footy exhibitions: In a League of its Own – Celebrating 140 Years of SANFL and Straight Through the Middle – Football in South Australia. He finds that both are really worth a look.

SANFL: Go Bloods!

What is happening to the Bloods? Their cheer squad is a little thin on the ground as this Bernard Whimpress pic suggests.

Almanac Cricket Books: A photograhic record of the Adelaide Oval

Before the grand old stands of Adelaide Oval were demolished, historian Bernard Whimpress took many photos of the great old ground. They are published in this new book.

Almanac Cricket: Cricket Bloody Cricket

Bernard Whimpress takes us on a tour of cricket over the past few days and places it all in the context of the last few weeks and the last few years. Cricket! Bloody Cricket! It’s all happening – even in Adelaide.

Quiet man of cricket: a tribute to Johnny Gleeson

Bernard Whimpress pays a tribute to Australian mystery spinner Johnny Gleeson.

Almanac Book Review: Kapunda Football club history

Bernard Whimpress is mightily impressed with the recently-published Kapunda FC history, which celebrates 150 years of footy in the Kapunda district.