Eleven White Clothed Angels

Social media is a strange and sometimes wonderful beast.

Almanacker extraordinaire Rulebook Ashwood found the following poem posted on his Facebook page and asked if it could be shared on the site.

Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Eleven White Clothed Angels’ by Mick Alldis.

The batsman was in great form, his strokes both crisp &


He’d battled to his half century – three figures was his


On a wicket he’d grown up on against his mates playing for

the Blues,

He was battling for a higher selection – he wasn’t going to


For he’d always been a fighter – the next Bradman they dared

to say,

He was unorthodox; they would expose his faults….. but boy

could this kid play!

He’d honed his craft in Macksville – a boy playing amongst

the men,

He was surely going to wear the green and gold – it was just

a case of when.

He’d cut and hooked and slashed his way to get to sixty


And then a ball sat up and beat his blade…. Surely it could

not be!

He must have thought ‘how’d I miss that chance to smash

another four?’

As eleven white clothed angels cradled him on the green SCG


He’s padded up in heaven now – on the best wicket he’s even


Facing up to the worlds best bowlers, he desperately wants

that Baggy Green.

For he is forever chasing the thirty seven more runs he

needs for that century

And the glory, the mateship, that chance to shine –  sadly it cannot be.

We’ve lost a gem in Hughesy – Test cricketer number 408,

He was about to step up once again. This time he’d be great.

Twenty six Tests isn’t enough – we wish you’d had some more,

You’ve left us far too early – our tears wont flow, they’ll


So raise your bat Phillip Hughes – a champion there is no


Forever in our hearts you remain – 63 not out.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Absolute superb , Mick captured everything . I sent the poem on to some of the sa players who were equal in there praise

  2. Lisa Edwards says

    Saw it on FB, it’s very moving & a fitting tribute.

  3. G’day Steve,

    Thanks for sharing the poem. It’s a great one describing how we miss Phil with respecting him and his cricket career.

    Once again, Rest in Peace, Phil…


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