UK Footy and the GB Swans

GB Swans Assistant Coach Ian Mitchell is excited to be heading to Australia for another International Cup. In his Almanac debut, he shares his experiences of footy in the UK, from founding his own club to beers with Brad Ottens!

From Russia, With Love

Australian football in Russia? With teams such as the Lazy Koalas and Saint Petersburg Cats? Wesley Hull reports on developments in this footy frontier.

How a Japanese Guy Became a St Kilda Fan

Saint Yoshihiro Imagawa debuts with his story on how he became an Australian footy fan. “In 2011, I saw an AFL match at the pub by a chance; however I thought it was extraordinary (much different to other sports – I apologise if it offends you).” No apology necessary Yoshi. Welcome aboard.

The Canggu Festival of the Boot: The AFL Masters Bali 9s Competition

Footy in Bali? And on the field not on the TV screen in a bar? Divine madness. But our roving correspondent Steve Baker fills us in on the dedication of teams from all over Australia and Asia that congregate for the annual AFL Bali 9’s Tournament. Thirsty work (playing not reporting).

Great to get back to the footy again

Haje Halabi looks at his return to the footy spectrum and the enjoyment of being back involved in the greatest sport in the world.