Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973

As Wimbledon 2022 approaches, Glen! takes tennis fans back to the past as he reviews Wimbledon 1973,

Why sports sanctions against Russia will hurt

Tim Harcourt returns with some insights into how the current Russian sanctions could play out in the country through the lens of sport.

Almanac Soccer – World Cup 2018: Power and dissent

Brin questions whether there is a role for the political within sports as two Swiss players face a sanction from FIFA.

From Russia, With Love

Australian football in Russia? With teams such as the Lazy Koalas and Saint Petersburg Cats? Wesley Hull reports on developments in this footy frontier.

Water Polo Round 18 – Hungarian Eagles v Russian Tigers: Blood in the Water

Peter Baulderstone saw ‘blood in the water’ at the Subiaco Pool last night. Tiger Tyrannosaurus is expected to face the War Crimes Tribunal for bringing down the Eagles leader with a cowardly act.

Hard work and rewards

Euro 2012 Group A Czech Republic Greece ________ Russia Poland Greece 1 – 0 Russia Poland 0 – 1 Czech Republic Anything can happen and did. The teams I’d so flippantly dismissed have qualified for the next round. And I have to say I’m really glad they did. The Czech Republic did not quite roll [Read more]