Da-re o o-en shi-te i-mas ka? (Who are you supporting?)

Yvette Wroby and her daughter met a footy mad, Saints loving Japanese young man in a chocolate factory memorabilia museum in Sapporo. As you do. Things got stranger after that.

Uncertainty is the Spice of Life.

Dips O’Donnell is back from a Eurpoean jaunt. He has missed a lot of footy. And whilst he appreciates the taste of Melbourne water on his return, he admits to being partial to a bottle of Serafina Chianti Classico…

The Canggu Festival of the Boot: The AFL Masters Bali 9s Competition

Footy in Bali? And on the field not on the TV screen in a bar? Divine madness. But our roving correspondent Steve Baker fills us in on the dedication of teams from all over Australia and Asia that congregate for the annual AFL Bali 9’s Tournament. Thirsty work (playing not reporting).

Lost Italians and Spaniards in the Works

An Irishman, two Italians and five Spaniards with knives meet in the middle of nowhere. Has Dips O’Donnell written the next Tarantino movie plot? Or a lost dog story? Read on to find out.

Lessons I Learnt in India and Sri Lanka (Part 2)

Lesson 2: I’m a celebrity in India. I am a celebrity in India. I’m famous. The people love me…I think. You see, as a white-haired fair skinned teenage Australian, I was quite a rarity in India. Frequently, people would stop me in the streets (inner Mumbai especially) and ask for a photo or autograph. I [Read more]