Almanac (Local) Footy: I’ve been to Bali too

Jordan De Goey’s recent travails had Smokie reminiscing about a trip to Bali thirty years ago. Thankfully, smart phones and social media were years away!

Leading from the front: Neil Thompson’s journey

Neil ‘Thommo’ Thompson has a remarkable life story, ranging from over 20 footy clubs (12 of them being guided to flags by Neil) and a few harrowing tales of the Bali bombings and UN involvements. Rob Spurr has been lucky enough to know ‘Thommo’, and has produced a wonderful recount of ‘Thommo’s’ many tribulations [a must-read, this is an amazing story – Ed].

Round 20 – Hawthorn v Essendon: A view from Bali

You didn’t have to be at the MCG to witness the tight tussle between Hawthorn and Essendon, in fact Tom Harrington wasn’t even in the country – he reports on the classic from Indonesia.

Haiku Bob – Round 4: belly flops and bintangs

Haiku Bob battles the food and sun of Bali as Collingwood can only add to the pain.

Paul Chapman and the Sari Club

David Fordyce remembers the story of Geelong’s end of season trip to Bali in 2002 when, fortunately for Geelong, Paul Chapman felt uncomfortable about going to the Sari Club that night.

Haiku Bob – Round 2 – Long Way From Home

Haiku Bob, still on holidays in Bali, returns to the pub where he watched the Pies get annihilated the previous week….and has a very different night.

The Canggu Festival of the Boot: The AFL Masters Bali 9s Competition

Footy in Bali? And on the field not on the TV screen in a bar? Divine madness. But our roving correspondent Steve Baker fills us in on the dedication of teams from all over Australia and Asia that congregate for the annual AFL Bali 9’s Tournament. Thirsty work (playing not reporting).

Temptation Island: Bali Ha’i

A funny thing happened after the film and before the match on Saturday night. This is the story of how one man (we’ll call him Neil) was tempted to switch from footy culture to Arts culture…while the footy season was still underway!