Photo Essay – AFL Round 19: Richmond v Collingwood

A time-honoured rivalry, movers and shakers in footy and media, Richmond station beyond capacity. These are some of Jack Banister’s well-captured things…

UK Footy and the GB Swans

GB Swans Assistant Coach Ian Mitchell is excited to be heading to Australia for another International Cup. In his Almanac debut, he shares his experiences of footy in the UK, from founding his own club to beers with Brad Ottens!

The Art of Football Exhibition – MarnGrook

Citrus Bob is curating his second Art of Football exhibition and this one will focus on Marngrook. Citrus is currently seeking artists who may be interested in exhibiting their work.

AFL v Aussie Rules – The Brand

Matt Zurbo takes a look at the effect Television rights are having on the game of Aussie Rules.

The Perth Community Cup

Author Dennis Gedling reports on the first ever Perth Community Cup, a day which he says was a success and a begining of a wonderful concept in Perth.

Now that’s Australian

Nothing is as Australian as the International Cup, where no Aussie nationals take the field. Rick loves when other cultures blend with our national game.

Australia’s International Game

As the first ever Sudanese born player, Majak joins the list of 142 VFL/AFL senior players to be born outside of Australia. Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens looks at the international recruitment zone.

Let the umpires off their philosophical hook!

Once I smugly looked down on Rugby Union. Its penalties seemed to contribute far too much to the final score and, worse than that, they seemed trivial and opaque. Fans apparently waited with bated breath and accepted the direction of the referee’s pointing arm with the best good humour they could muster, and then mutter [Read more]

Sydney’s rich Australian football history

 By Miles Wilks It is a commonly held belief that Sydneysiders have had an almost non-existent role in the game at the top level, yet the fact is that as many as 80 players have been recruited from Sydney to the VFL/AFL.  Amongst the “no-name” players recruited from Sydney is a player who kicked the [Read more]

Do we have the greatest game of all?

Dear Fellow Football Fans, I need your help. The game of Australian Rules football, and in particular, the AFL, has changed dramatically over the last two and a half decades.  At the end of the 1986 season the Christopher Skase owned Seven Network purchased the rights to broadcast the VFL for just $6 million.  Many [Read more]