The Precarious State of our Nation’s Great Game

Siobhan Calafiore provides her perspective on where the game is at and why.

To all you footy fanatics – Happy September!

The finals have arrived! My heart accelerates just thinking about it. Throughout the finals series I feel like a kid on Christmas day, the atmosphere, the festivity, the magical moments in each game.

AFL Round 20 – Sydney v Collingwood: Watch out September, the sleeping giant has awoken

Pies fan Siobhan Calafiore has a feeling something is about to happen. It’s the first time she has felt this way all year. She now believes anything could happen.

Oi Magpie Army, it’s us against them not us against ourselves…

Siobhan Calafiore is not a “real” Collingwood supporter when she questions Buckley or his players, according to “true” supporters on certain websites. This isn’t a glass half full attitude, it’s a glass continually overflowing attitude.

AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: See you in September

Last week’s win over Sydney wasn’t a fluke, writes Siobhan Calafiore, and their recent drafting means the future is even brighter.

AFL Round 14 Preview – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: Everything to play for

The late John McCarthy will forever link Collingwood and Port Adelaide but Siobhan Calafiore says the recent form of both clubs gives an additional reason to tune into this match.