Peter Bol: Inside the Legends of Our Australian Legend

Hannah Kuhar has recently been working on the Tokyo Olympic Games and was driven by the wonderful story of Peter Bol to help contextualise the framing of his achievements within the narratives of our greater communities. [Considered and thought provoking – Ed.]

Round 2 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Grant Denyer, Lifeless Hawks and kittens

Hannah Kuhar rides the bumps with a grin as Easter celebrations clash with her Hawks taking on the Bombers at the ‘G.

The Final Exam – a Hawks fan’s hopes and dreams

Hannah Kuhar captures the obsessive madness of the footy fan, especially one who is preparing for VCE exams, swept along in the finals tidal wave. Life as a metaphor for footy. (Brilliant – Ed.)

Watching success from the bench

Although team sheets for this Saturday aren’t yet published, there’s already an omission that deserves the title of 2013 Grand Final Sob Story – Hawk Brendan Whitecross.

Season 2013: Down and out

Is it just me or are there towels being thrown left, right and centre in the AFL right now? It may only be the beginning of July, but I reckon the season could finish right now.

AFL Round 9 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: Suns swoop on Hawks amid thoughts of covalent bonding

Hawks fan Hannah Kuhar had her heart set on covalent bonding on a quiet Sunday afternoon but there was little chance of that happening after a quick glance at the half time score.

Inside the Malthouse

Hannah Kuhar reviews Malthouse: A Football Life, and speaks to the triple premiership coach, for the Junior Almanac.

Inside the Malthouse

Hannah Kuhar reviews Malthouse: A Football Life.

Morals v Medals: Who comes out on top?

Hannah Kuhar raises the issue of playing to win at the cost of participation in junior sport.