Confessions of a Disloyal Almanacker

Peter Fuller returns to the Almanac’s pages by sharing a contemplation of this year’s ups and (mostly) downs, especially for Carlton fans. But amid the clouds there are also silver linings. (Welcome back, Peter – Eds.)

Round 23 – Carlton v Adelaide: A Blues refrain

Part review of Round 23’s loss to the Crows, part taking stock of Carlton’s first two-win season in 117 years, Peter Fuller has some thoughts on venue performance, Carlton’s youth and the future.

Round 22 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Bulldogs (eventually) vanquish the Blues

After another disappointing Carlton performance, Peter Fuller is trying to be optimistic for the future as Season 2018 comes to a close for his Blues this weekend.

AFL Round 13 – Carlton v Fremantle: Marvel(lous) Massacre at Etihad

Peter Fuller looks for scraps of Carlton consolation on a very dirty day for the Blues.

Round 8 – Carlton v Essendon: Drought Breaker

‘The palpable mix of joy and relief on the faces of the Blues’ players in the moments after the final siren, reassured Carlton fans that the players do care.’ Peter Fuller’s Blues are finally on the board for 2018.

Round 5 – Carlton v West Coast Eagles: Playing the opposition into form

A depleted Carlton side gave the West Coast Eagles a run for their money on Saturday at the MCG but the Eagles still proved too powerful to allow Carlton to get it’s first win of 2018. Peter Fuller reports.

AFLW Round 7 – Fremantle v Carlton: Plenty to Play For

The Round 7 Fremantle v Carlton match may not have had the capacity to shape the Grand Final as the other three games did last week, but these two sides had plenty to play for as Peter Fuller reports.

AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Being ‘Glass Half Full’ for the Blues

Big injuries and key outs kept Carlton out of the game Friday night but didn’t seem to affect an equally, if not more so, injured Bulldogs unit with Lochland and Toogood essentially just too good. Peter Fuller was there to take it all in.

AFLW Round 2 – GWS v Carlton: Blues draw the battle lines

Peter Fuller considers the battle zone to sports field metaphor as he watched a valiant effort by some warriors in Friday night’s match between GWS and Carlton.

Round 22 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Nemesis

Peter Fuller saw his Blues record an unexpected win against a hard to beat foe.

Round 21 – West Coast v Carlton: Unrequited

Peter Fuller imagines the 2017 season as a romantic drama. If so, Carlton is having a bit of a dry spell.

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Just how good are the young guns?

Peter Fuller is a Carlton supporter but he went to this important match and had a good look at the two sides. What happened? And was it more than accuracy that won the Giants the game?

Round 20 – Essendon v Carlton: Bombers Prevail After A Scare

Honourable losses – like fine words – butter no parsnips according to Peter Fuller.

Round 15 – Carlton v Adelaide: Fighting back

Peter Fuller was impressed with Carlton’s fight back in the last quarter to scare the Crows. The Blues may have fallen short, but their improvement from last season’s game has supporters excited for the future.

Round 14 – Richmond v Carlton: Return to normalcy

  In a weekend marked by high drama and some unexpected results, Richmond v Carlton provided a return to normalcy. The Tigers emerged as expected with a comfortable victory, and had the match in their control for most of the proceedings.   When I suggested just prior to ¾ time that they could don Joffa’s [Read more]

Round 9 – Fremantle v Carlton: Luck has deserted us

Peter Fuller’s sense of optimism disappeared during the second half as Fremantle got the better of Carlton at Subiaco.

Round 7 – Collingwood v Carlton: There were two teams playing you know

Peter Fuller has waited patiently for the Collingwood cacophony to quieten before posting a Blues perspective of last week’s game. [Very classy PJF – JTH]

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Marching past March

Peter Fuller – Carlton man – reflects on a grinding win in tough conditions. And, remembering a Parkin dictum, takes heart that the future might be better than March suggested.

AFLW Grand Final – Brisbane v Adelaide: Worthy Of The Name

Peter Fuller reflects on the season that’s been and speculates on the strategies used in women’s footy while commentating the conclusion of the season.

Finals Week 3: Preliminary Finals – A Neutral Perspective

Taking the position of neutral observer, Peter Fuller provides an insightful analysis of the weekend’s Preliminary Finals.