Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players from the VFL/AFL



Photo courtesy of Paul O’Connor


Front row: Jack Slattery, John Schultz, Bernie Lee, Owen Madigan, Alan Clough,
Kevin Meadings, Kevin Bourke, Ray Walker, Ian Foreman
Second row: Alan Stoneham, Graeme Cook, Dr Jake Landsberger, Peter Welsh, Doug Hawkins,
Barry Thornton (directly behind Doug), Simon Beasley, Linda Murray, Jack Dinatale,
Ted Whitten, Graeme Joslin, Alister Ford, Ian Bryant
Third row: Len Cumming, Ross Abbey, Rick Kennedy, Ron McGowan, Paul O’Connor
Fourth row: Simon Atkins, Phillip O’Keefe, Bernie Quinlan, Kelvin Templeton
Fifth row: Ilija Grigic, Matt Mansfield, Andrew Howlett, Adrian Campbell
Sixth row: Peter Foster, Gordon Casey, Lindsay Gilbee, Simon Minton-Conell
Seventh row: Scott West, Darren Baxter, Zeno Tzatzaris, Cameron Wight, Dale Morris


The Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players recently held their 2019 AGM and posed for this commemorative photograph.


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  1. Thanks Paul. Love the Doggies past players group. I’m looking forward to the February event. And we must have a Doggies-themed lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms soon.

  2. Wonderful to see so many Scraggers still have an interest in the Club. Great stuff Paul.

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