Preview – Essendon v Footscray: Saturday 2PM (VFLW) & Sunday 3:20PM (AFLM)

My soft spot for Footscray calcified into a painful kidney stone when that blonde pip squeak Cody Banks kicked four straight against us in the final last year. Every single one of them from a free kick. He crushed our dreams and then did nothing the week after – a two foot version of Mason Cox.

Footscray is not my second team anymore. They are my equal 18th team. I despise them like I despise Carlton, Hawthorn, and Collingwood. Never again will I find solace in the refrain: “if you have to lose, it’s not so bad against Footscray”. It’s bad. Last year was really bad.

Essendon AFLM are my second team now. The Essendon VFLW are my new first team. The Men have been pushed aside by the grit and tenacity of our Women. It was a wrench, but fair’s fair – merit must be rewarded.

Our women footballers are a modern phenomenon. The last time against the Bulldogs they won 15-8-98 to 0-0-0. Can you imagine the resolve, the determination, the killer instinct it requires to perform such a feat?

They have no mercy. When their prey tries to wiggle free, they clamp their jaws tighter, press their talons deeper, and dig in all the way until the deathly scream of the final siren.

The Ws are the best. They are unbeaten with 8 wins and 1 draw.



At school when we learnt the alphabet and spelling, we didn’t even think for a millisecond there was an ‘I’ in team but everyone saw the two ewes in W. It is the only letter that does that. M could have been called double N, but it wasn’t. It strikes me now after the success of Essendon VFLW we should start calling W double V. Making a V with your fingers is the international symbol for victory and there are two Vs in W, which means our W’s will win, and our upside-down W’s will win as well. Go Bombers.


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