Good Friday in Battery Point

Mickey Randall headed south for Easter and took in the delights of Hobart by foot.

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Hungry for a win

The Sydney Swans left Tom Bally with an empty stomach and an appetite for answers as they dropped their first home game of the season to Port Adelaide

Round 4 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Regaining Celebration Blockbuster

Yoshi files from Japan, tapping into the Easter tale of resurrection with this piece on “regaining.” His Saints have regained a certain something.

Easter and possible traditions

Hot cross buns, early April rains, the cooling of South Eastern Australia after a hot summer and the beginning of footy just go together. Could it be this way every year?

AFL Round 1 – North Melbourne v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): afterglow

Haiku Bob on Round 1.

AFL – Round 1: Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: A time of faith, forgiveness…and revenge

Thanks to Dale Morris, Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson felt proud of his boys even before they ran onto the ground. he was euphoric after the final siren.

Round 5: Easter Blog

One round of football will blur into the next with a leisurely spread of fixtures up to May Day. Saints fans will be relieved but unconvinced about their win up in Brisbane. Lions fans will console themselves with the effort, but still face the reality of a 0-4 start. The unpredictable Port have the chance for consecutive [Read more]


By Chris Riordan In South Australia, people know how often they’ve “been to Oakbank”. For well over 130 years, generations have journeyed in to the Hills and been intoxicated by the magic that is nowadays promoted (debatably) as the biggest picnic race carnival in the world. The road there, formerly a winding trip across the [Read more]